309# 1 Minute Reversal Strategy.
1 minute reversal strategy is pullback winnig strategy for binary options high low. We can define this trading system also trend reversal. 1 minute reversal strategy is based on indicator that generates signal alert and draw an arrow buy and sell on the chart.
There is also a statistical indication of the performance of the trading system and as you can see it is positive. This trading system can also be used for very fast scalping with a profit of 3-7 pips depending on the currency pair.
Time Frame 1 min.
Currency pairs: Majors and Indices.
Expiry time 1 min 5 candles.
Important- trading Session 9:00-21:00 GMT Berlin.
Metareader 4 indicators.
Pullback indicator signal.
Parabolic Sar (0.3 – 0.07) for Scalping.
Trading rules 1 minute reversal strategy.
Arrow buy on the chart. First there are a signal alert buy below the candle on chart.
Arrow sell on the chart. First there are a signal alert dot above the candle on chart.
Exit position for scalping.
Initial stop loss 2 pips below/above the entry candle.
Profit target 3-7 pips dependes by currency pairs. To manage the position you can add a fast Parabolic Sar with this setting (0.3-0.07).
In the pictures 1 minute reversal strategy in action.