30 Minute Binary Options Strategy With 90% Average Winrate.
In this post we want to give you a 30 minute binary options trading strategy that has 90% average winrate. You can trade binary options with different expiry periods. It all depends on your strategy which expiry period you are going to find suitable. There are traders who trade 1 minute binary options. Yes, 1 minute binary options are not gambling. Price action works on all timeframes. There are traders who trade 5 minute binary options. Trading 1 minute and 5 minute binary options require quick reflexes. Did you check this 1 minute binary options trading strategy ? On the other hand trading 15 minute and 30 minute binary options does not require quick action. As said above the same principles work on all timeframes.
As you can see in the above video, this trader is quite comfortable trading 30 minute binary options. Just make 3-4 trades in 2-3 hours. Win all of them and you are done for the rest of the day. Sounds easy? Only if you win all the trade. If you lose the trades then your day is going to be sad. So the important question is how to win all the trades daily so that your account grows by leaps and bounds. Check out this Exponential Moving Average Rainbow Binary Options Strategy ?
Watch the above video in which the trader is not talking rather writing his thoughts on notepad. He is trading price action. In binary options trading, price action is very important as it gives you the point when you should enter into a put or a call trade. Watch the above video. If you want to trade 30 minute binary options then you should focus only on 30 minute expiry binary options. Just make 4 winning trades daily with 30 minute binary options. Consistently do it daily. Don’t overtrade. Just make sure you make 4 trades and you win them. If you lose a trade, you will need to win 2 trades to recover the loss. If you win 3 trades and lose 1 trade then you will have to make 2 more trades to recover the loss of 1 trade. So you will have to make 6 trades instead of 4. Focus only on 4 trades daily and make sure you win them.
If one trade makes 80% return then winning 4 trades means you make 320%. Suppose you are trading with $1000. You should not risk more than 1% on a single trade in the beginning. Once you have mastered the strategy, you can increase risk to 2% but not more than that. Suppose you are trading with 1% risk, it means your trade size is $10. Winning 4 trades means you make $32. So your return will be 3.2%. If your trade size is 2%, your trade size will be $20 and you will make 6.4% return daily. Daily making 6% return means you make 120% monthly return. So you should be able to double your account every month with just 4 trades risking only 2% of your account equity on a single trade. Do you know how binary options brokers make money ?
This is how you are going to trade binary options. Don’t overtrade. Just make 4 trades daily. Don’t risk more than 2% on a single trade. In the beginning start with 1% risk level. When you have mastered your trading strategy and you are consistently making one winning trade after another. Then you can increase the risk level to 2%. But don’t risk more than 2%. This is how you are going to manage risk in trading. Trading is a game that is quite similar to any other game.