A great opportunity for Shorting NZDCHF

A great opportunity for Shorting NZDCHF

Hello colleagues

Let’s have the first trade of the week – NZDCHF             Short.

Here are a few reasons that I think this is a wining trade.

First let’s look at NZD:

1) This is weighted average NZD versus other major currencies. See how it made a false breakout of the major channel and the black flag. Currently it broke the other side of the flag and retested the lower band of the flag. I expect weaker NZD which is good for our NZDCHF             Short trade.

2) This is NZD futures . It has the same message as above. Breaking lower and continuation.

3) This is NZD bonds Yields. It dropped today by 1.72% and I expect it visits the lower band of the channel. Again signals cheaper NZD.

Now let’s look at CHF:

4) This is weighted average CHF. It is sitting at a major support and I expect a bounce as early as tomorrow as it is the first day of the month.

5) Last chart also has the same message. It is CHF futures .

PM me if you would like to hear more about entry signal, SL and PT.