Alert – Option Robot is a scam – real review.
One of our readers asked us to have a look at the “ Option Robot ” from and So here it is.
Option Robot is a robot that trades binary options. According to the web presentation it has an 83 % winning rate, which is pretty big for a free piece of software.
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The first thing that should serve as a warning with Option Robot is that it uses Martingale as one of the money management systems. We have warned against Martingale several times and we are going to do it again now.
Martingale basically means more than doubling your investment if you get a losing trade until you get a winner. This really can wipe out your account in a matter of minutes if you get a series of bad trades, which happens regularly in trading not only binary options, but in trading in general.
So any trading system that uses Martingale with binary options is extremely dangerous and you should stay away from it.
Although the presence of the Martingale system is enough for us not to recommend Option Robot, we decided to test it anyway. So we opened an account and started demo trading. And we immediately saw that there was something wrong.
In order to be able to concentrate on the trading, we let the robot trade only one pair, the EUR/USD, and only one trade at a time. We did not change anything else in the settings.
And look at the following video, on the left you can see Option Robot in action and on the right a real live EUR/USD price feed. We placed a yellow horizontal line at the price (+ – 1 pip) where the robot entered the trade.
As you can see, the Option Robot demo is faking trades, this trade should have been a loser. The price was going down, but the robot closed the Call option as a winner, although in reality it should have been a loser. You can see that the Option Robot demo price feed is not the same as the real price feed, after the trade is open it shows a price spike that never happened.
Ultimate4Trading, a fake demo will make you believe that the system is profitable, but if you open a real account through Option Robot and deposit money, it is very possible that you will lose it.
Option Robot is just another scam promising profits on binary options, but its real aim is to make you open an account and deposit money with one of their brokers, because they will get paid for it.
If you want to try binary options, do it on a free demo that is real with real results. Only then you will see what it takes to make money with binary options, no free robot can do this for you.
John Novak.
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54 thoughts on “ Alert – Option Robot is a scam – real review ”
Robert OBrien says:
just seen one of the other comments I posted just earlier about Option Robot, some lady online was saying was great.Well one of the comments on the site here mentioned [email protected], that was the address this lady was giving out, and one of your previous comments from someone mentions that site. Also they try to put you through to a company WordPress as soon as you unsubscribe from them, your previous comment from that man was spot on, crafty people.
Robert OBrien says:
Just, seen comments today, online from some lady, think her name was Jenny, wish I would have payed attention to her name, jenny or Jane. Said she had been burned before buying Bitcoin or trading on scam sites, and she was rating different traders and companies. most were scams in her eyes, I really thought, she is the real deal.She was saying when someone asked about a safe trader she said Option Robot, her and her team get good returns off it.Dont know what tgo think here because every search I have done for Option Robot, is coming up people getting scammed, think maybe the Lady lets say is getting some sort of percentage per new customer, as most people are new to it and trying to make money, just dont get sucked into the Hype, I believed what she said turns out it is FALSE and total SCAM, beware.
Giddoh says:
Hi John, thanks for all that you shared on option robot. I nearly tried it but decided to read some reviews first and bang here you were with a full digest. You have saved me some hard earned money. Please if anyone wants to trade in binary manually. What platform would you recommend they trade on and also where should they go learning how to do this binary trading. Thanks.
Jo Stevens says:
Hi John, Have you heard of ICenter. Co and CWE Bots Only because I have friends involved in these companies. Thanks in advance. Jo 😀
John Novak says:
Hi, Icenter: 1.2% daily plus referral commissions. This means more than 30% per month = it must be a scam, a Ponzi scheme. CWE Bot is a paid robot, I don’t know what it is supposed to do.
Zan says:
Thank you very much guys for taking time sharing your experience with Option Robot. You are doing a great job saving people’s hard earned money. You just saved me £250. Thanks.
Tom says:
I would suggest staying away from the OptionRobot website. As soon as I signed up to the website I got a call from their broker who pretty aggressively tried to sell me their product. There is no demo account to try anymore and one has to invest a minimum of 250 USD for the ‘welcome session’ to take place. I also posted a feedback about my experience on website called binarysignalsadvice which comes out at the top of the google rankings for the optionrobot review however my post ha been removed which is a big red flag to me and suggest association between both portals (the review one looks like has been built to promote and generate sales for the option robot portal).
Sicebi kunene says:
Hi guys I was reviewing all it tweets about different trading platformi nearly go with OptionRobot yoooo.So Can anyone here in d house please share a legit trading platform that he/ she is generating profit with it.Bitcoin Code is up to here in my neck with nasty emails I’m dodging it sounds as if is another scam too.
John Novak says:
Hi, I’m afraid there is no automated profit generating platform in the public domain.
peter miles says:
I want us to open a lawsuit against and all its affiliated brokers for lying to customers by using false demo results that are out of touch with real live trading conditions. Additionally I want the Cyprus regulators that allow this scam to continue to be brought to book. I have already started the process and got a good lawyer. I encourage other traders who have undergone similar situations and can open proceedings against this scam company regulated in Europe to do the same. This thieves are not untouchable as they want us to believe.
Falahun says:
Robert says:
instead of using robots can you recommend copy trading platforms like CM trading? Looks legit and if you copy the right traders you make a decent ROI.
John Novak says:
Hi, I’ve never seen anybody making money in the long term by copying another trader on a social trading platform. These platforms are full of people who don’t know how to trade. If you try it, test it on a demo first.
German says:
Is super easy to detect a scam right in the demo, just do this: – Pick any currency, i mean ANY, just close your eyes and pick one – Smash the mouse buttom on *call* OR *put* (not both) and see how you win all the trades I’ve made 250k+ in 10 min on the DEMO. It’s pure BS.
Bart Kortman says:
Hello people sorry for all the missing words or letter in reaction I, am medical pension and have lot off stress, a recently buy a laptop but I can use it anymore becausse of reumatics etc sorry about the person i mean he is not true again Namaste. Tip maybe we can start with the people ho leave comments on this page a organisation with donations and a responable bussiniss contruction like 1 bank a community platform and a director. After this we can buy a sotware pakket for auto trading and let it rewrite by a software proffesional. The gold program that i have seen works as follow. When the stock market opens the program look for the moment on the day to dubbel the money. It shut down when it takes the winner, so it don,t look futher for higher profit. Good becausse getting to greedy will Always dissapoint you. I,am livving on a sailyacht by myself these days. The person that have the program don,t respond on my email I invest 6000 euro in this men and he returnd my love and disrespect my good wils to him. Maybe if still livves I wil meet him on Cuba if I come there with my yacht. But for me there more ways to make money. and i,am still not confinced if I should do so. It takes a way a lot presious freedom and natural thinking.
Bart Kortman says:
Hi John, good work at the moment trading with brokers is verry hot. Where every you open a website they try to pull you in a trading system or a broker. Money is a deciese it game after realize there wa never enough gold. This is the world we life in for at least 2500 years. The world of turns every day faster and faster soon in the futher the system will change people get sick of tot and also the world himself. About auto trading it excist but you have do a lot to get acces to it. After you buy a program that does auto traiding in gold for excample while you sleep are do nothing. You must rewrite the software or let it do by a proffesional software write a wizhkid. and you have to open a trading account that has for excample 20 or 30 years expierance and you have to pay tax over your profit. I livved for 3 mounds on board of a sailyacht with somebody ho change a existing software program. I don,t have contact with this person anymore because he is true from the hart. So don,t ask how or where. Namaste Bart.
June Padi says:
I’m enlightened, thanks for reviews and sad for your bad experiences and losses. Most of all I would like to give thanks to John Novak for your sightfullness, continue doing the great job.
Vito Corleone says:
i opened an account and i had three brokers call me, to make a deposit, now if its as good what they say it is why aren’t they doing it. now i keep getting endless calls, i tried to make a deposit and my bank automatically block it. option robot, and binary robot365 is from the same scam party.
kai outzen says:
Hi . I know how you all feel My broker Lbinary committed fraud and stole all clients money and disappeared , must have got away with millions , including all my money . i complained to Action Fraud in London , they did nothing . Be careful.
Jerry says:
thank you guys for all your fantastic reviews, i was interesting on opening a real account on, but first i tried the demo account, i made many trades, about 40 trades, and all of them were winning trades, i found it much and much and much strange, in binary option it is impossible, in fact i didn’t made any deposit, i searched some clips on youtube, they all recommended optionrobot as a profitable platform with real account, i believed it, i was about to open a real account but thanks to you guys i realized that they are all actors paid to fool people.
Frank says:
I have been tempted with option for a while now so I tried option robot, I tried the demo mode and made £5m+ in and hour on next try pretty much the same, So like a fool I invested £250 just to satisfy my curiosity, I am not saying OptionRobot is a scam or anything wrong with the brokers but it is misleading. I followed their advice for guaranteed profit and lasted a couple of hours before I was wiped out. my trade results are as follow 27 trades 15 losses 5 got my stake back 7 winning stakes After a while I thought I would cut my loses and withdraw the £104.56 that was left and drowned my sorrows, but I found it far easier to deposit money than withdraw it, its not a simple transfer back to bank you have to put all your details back in plus your banks international transfer code and its swift number not at all easy to find them, then you find you incur charges for withdrawing money from your account with (24options the broker I used) but also your bank charges £17.50 for intational transfers other banks may charge more or less than mine TSB so I gave up and lost the lot. I hope my experience will help all others from making the same mistake as I did their is no such thing as Guaranteed profit, unless you are really experienced I would advise you all to steer clear, my lesson cost me £250 I hope I can save you the time and money I have lost. Regards Frank.
Joseph says:
I was also drawn to option robot because it generated very high winnings rates when in demo account coupled with 24 option. I select all rules and pairs with 2 conservative strings to trade. The winnings rate are amazing because they are using 90% payout to formulate with the results. When I am in live account coupled with 24 option, their payout is from 62% to 71%. I lost badly. Not sure can I trust trading robot again in the future.
Mduduzi says:
Thank You Guys For Your Good Understanding about option robot that is a scam, you have made my day, Thank You Once Again, Mduduzi Wiseman Dube, Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa. you saved my money and my future in trading.
Elena says:
Tested OptionRobot with 24option. It showed great results in demo mode, and then I quickly lost my deposited min amount of 250 Euro (in some minutes). All risk management settings were on. Noticed, that robot placed several consecutive CALL orders when the trend was the opposite. Well, it was stupid just to look and wonder what will be next …
Steph says:
It’s a complete scam – 82% success rate my a**e. What I experienced is the quickest way to lose $250 dollars known to man. Took all of 20 minutes. Researched the best algorithms and won twice in 22 goes. Do not touch it with a barge pole. paid actors to make genuine looking YouTube clips – feel very stupid to be suckered in. Do not trust the demos they’re there to sucker you in.
CJ says:
optionrobot is just a huge scam. I signed up for an account with one email/username want it changed and it all went down. They told me FM Trading can do it, I contacted them to change it and got called by my “account manager” to deposit money. Went back to optionrobot they asked for money too, when I told them I will invest when I educate myself and right now I just want the free account there was no answers back. No email answers I cant even chat with them. Apparently for them a free account is $250 minimum I was even told “give me your credit card info, if you don’t have money it wont get through” Stay away, far away.
luke sparks says:
Lost £250 in 2 mins. Not one position came in. 😓 I recorded video and screen shots for anyone I know thinking of Trying it out DONT.
Sbs says:
Hi Can I see the vdo?
John says:
I was so disappointed with this system. I made $750 in 20 minutes in demo mode and then I proceeded to lose $300 in 21 minutes of actual live trading. Boy do I feel stupid. What a suck. I should have known better. Please beware.
AT says:
I reached this site, after opening a demo account in that optionsrobot. I picked stockpair as a brooker. The robot started increasing my demo account too fast that was not a good sign. When looking to the live data at the robot side and at the stockpair side it was completely different. Before this site i was also looking in some other sites, searching for some reviews about that robot stuff and i found some good reviews about them even in sites that should have a good reputation. I was also chatting with stockpair support and they do not want to be related with robots 🙂 however they have his name on the robot side and that shows some kind of agreement between them. Finally i came here and all my doubts where clarified by the reviewer. I can see also in the posts that his answers are from someone with good sense. Conclusion: i will not trust in optionsrobot and in any of the brokers listed there. And probably better i will not spend more time looking to trade robots 🙂
Justin says:
Hi, John what do you think of Binary5? A signal provider.
John Novak says:
Hi, it’s a scam, see the Binary5 review.
marco serafini says:
What about the binaryrobot365 ?
John Novak says:
Hi, BinaryRobot365 is a scam.
Joshua says:
The Optionrobot is a scam, it is not connected to any of the brokers it revers to. The brokers are happy because they see your money comming in after you have opened a account with the minimum deposit. It would not surprise me if the robot is designed by the prefered brokers to get your money on their platforms. There are scam you tube artist who even promote the robot,, maybe also payed by the brokers. The business is a big scam.
Josua Jacobs says:
I opened an sccount with and funded my account with binary tilt. The robot does not even trade in real mode. After several mails and loosing my money I still got no response from them.
Lukas says:
John you talked about a real demo with realtime results….. any sugestions?
John Novak says:
Hi, see here for no deposit free demo accounts.
Tim Stevenon says:
I used on two occasions and lost my my money. I used their affiliate brokers binarytilt and optech. The demo for each indicated excellent results. However the real money mode was a total loss. What a shame. I believe a class action law suite should commence. If you have a bad experience with and their affiliated brokers, do the right thing and warn others.
peter miles says:
They fooled me with their demo. I traded on demo and the balance grew 3 times on 3 different occasions and I believed the misleading results even though I am an experienced trader. The fact that the demo was doing well and I had some naive people online making great reviews about made me to deposit $250 with BDSWiss their linked broker. I was trading a mixture of martingale and classic strategies. Whichever way i traded my account just kept going down. When I try to withdraw with BDswiss remaining balance of $100 BDSwiss plays games requiring verification documents they never asked for while depositing. To prove is a scam network linked to brokers sharing the loot together with them when i deposited with BDSwiss sends me an email thanking me for depositing money. How can an independent robot detect deposits with a broker that they claim they have no control of in relation to clients funds. publishes false demo results to lure people to deposit. Once you go live mode all your deposits are gone. They then get a cut of the stolen money from their linked binary brokers. Everyone be aware. Don’t say you were never warned!
Kevin Hendry says:
Hi John, Is there such a thing as a genuine money making robot even If I have to pay for it , I have tried a number of the free auto robots to my detriment. i look forward to your reply. Many thanks PK.
John Novak says:
Hi Kevin, unfortunately I don’t know about any profitable robot for binary options. I believe that learning and manual trading is the only way.
Mott Palmer says:
One last thing John. I see from your answers what the outlook is here, so can you point me in the right direction as to where I can learn and understand manual trading? Thank you.
John Novak says:
You can try the school at
samuel says:
I highly recommend so profitable the only problem am having with them is the automatically assigned brokers if not is 100% highly profitable.
John Novak says:
Yeah, yeah, and now tell us the one about Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves…
clyde says:
Hey Thank you for your reviews I was just researching on Binadroid and Option Robot and as per your reviews they are both scams, can you help me in suggesting a scam free auto binary robot. I’m new to this and just start studying on binary options, but till then if you can help me with a legit autobinaryrobot would be amazing. Thank you Regards Clyde.
John Novak says:
I’m sorry but I don’t know about any profitable binary option robot. Please realize that you basically are looking for somebody to make you money for free and such a thing does not exist in this world.
Greg Bellemey says:
Hello, In relation to and Your review John, The site does say they have 3 betting strategies, not just the martingale 1 and as mentioned in a previous comment, they also advise their demo account is using a different pricing feed than the actual 1. This All being said, Has Anybody actually opened an account with them and traded? I am very curious as to hear the Actual results as this site appears more genuine than All of the other sites I have researched? I appreciate Everyone’s input especially John’s and a big thanks to you for this site and information You provide. Sincerely, Greg Bellemey.
John Novak says:
We have users reporting us that they have lost money with Option Robot. One of them made post under the video:
Dana Smith says:
I deposited with option robot, if you want to lose your deposit quickly go ahead, but I was trading on classic, then it automatically switched to martingale, and 4 losses I was broke, because it kept doubling the trades by itself, you might make money if you babysit it and trade on classic one trade at a time, but I won’t trust them again, also my demo account switched to my real account without me doing it, and beware that the robot will open every trade no matter the position.
Kelvin Tam says:
Hi manager, if you go to to see the FAQ, they stated that the demo account is using the eToro pricing feed, not the real market price. That’s why the price is difference between demo account and real account. Can you confirm that again does is a scam or not please? Thanks and Regards.
John Novak says:
A demo must emulate a real trading environment. If a demo uses a an inaccurate price feed, it has misleading results, it is fake, worthless and should not be there, as many people can base their decision on that demo. The demo should show what you are buying, which is not doing, it is showing something unreal, therefore we consider it to be a scam.
Cedrick says:
A lot of these scams are using fake demo accounts and all these YouTube scam artists are promoting and praising these nasty scams. Every day they have a scam scam to promote.
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