Aussie buy

Aussie buy

Aussie monthly – testing support area around .77500, also in confluence with red TL and beginning of a high price volume area.

Weekly – Support zone highlighted and confirmed by recent weeks PA interacting with the level. MA cross and rsi looking to conincide with pa too.

Daily – PA double bottom on support area failing as yet to close below red TL I have highlighted potential upside resistance areas in blue and just confirmed them with the fibbonaci levels and they are pretty close, price volume also spikes around those areas too.

8H/4H Pretty much similar thing, just zoomed in.

1H Is showing price beginning to falter as is continues the bear run down to .766
Interaction with red tl can still be seen on such a low tf

I do expect price to break red tl but not close below hence the SL will monitor pa if we do get a break and close before if momentum still looks bearish .