Super Thursday: Jobless Claims and OPEC ++ preview

The best gauge for the economy The most important jobless claims release is upon us.  Two weeks ago, jobless claims surged to a record 3.3 million, more than doubling the consensus estimate, but fell shy of the some of the loftier forecasts.  The reaction saw a risk-on rally take global equities higher and made the […]

Market Update: Bull market territory, Hungary delivers, Oil higher on production cut hopes, Gold’s wild ride and Bitcoin’s bounce

US stocks are slightly off session highs after rising to a one-month high and technically entering bull-market territory.  Risk-on was running strong as hopes continue to grow that virus spread is slowing.  It is still too early to be overly optimistic that COVID-19 infections are nearing their peak, but the numbers show some promise in […]

Mid-Market Update: Stocks Rise on Virus Optimism, Doubts grow for OPEC++ deal, Fourth time the charm for gold, LATAM in focus

Many investors are abandoning their calls for a retest of the March 23rd low.  Global equities are soaring higher as early signs suggest curve flattening is happening in Europe and that US could be a couple weeks behind them.  The massive easing actions by the world’s largest central banks may have bought risky assets enough […]

Week Ahead – World battles spread of Covid-19 and its economic destruction, a bigger OPEC +cut deal, and big bank stress tests

Financial markets are still primarily focused with the fight against Covid-19.  In the US, coronavirus deaths are now climbing at a staggering pace and concerns are high that many states have acted too slowly in providing measures to mitigate the spread of the virus.  Europe is also having terrible news on the virus front as  […]

US Open – 1 out of 16 Americans have recently filed jobless claims, Oil rises on supply optimism, Gold demand returns, Colombia nears junk rating

Weekly Jobless claims, the best indicator as to what is happening in the labor market topped last week’s record with a whopping 6.648 million in new claims.  The economy is in bad shape and doubts are growing that the recent fiscal rescue package to help businesses might not be enough to keep people on their […]

Mid-Market Update: Wall Street relief on virus measures extended, Oil awaits Trump/Putin call, Gold steadies after record week, LATAM outlook

Wall Street is breathing a sigh of relief after President Trump gave up on his Easter goal for America to reopen.  An early reopening of the economy would have put more lives in danger and raise the risk of prolonging the coronavirus life in the US.  Social distancing guidelines have now been extended throughout April […]