Sometimes It’s Better To Be Lucky Than Good

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Sometimes It’s Better To Be Lucky Than Good

Posted with permission and written by John Rubino (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)




In 2015 there was no way the UK would vote to leave the European Union, so Prime Minister David Cameron promised to call a “Brexit” referendum as a cost-free sop to his party’s right wing in the upcoming election. The Conservatives won big, and Cameron kept his promise to run the meaningless referendum. But against all odds and contrary to nearly every election-day poll, Brexit won, flushing Cameron out of politics, pulling the UK out of the EU, and handing a huge victory to a populist coalition led by the UK Independence Pary’s Nigel Farage.


In 2016 comedians and mainstream Democrats encouraged Donald Trump to run for president, convinced he would generate lots of good jokes and possibly damage the field of “legitimate” Republican presidential candidates. He did both, but to a far greater extent than his early boosters anticipated, placing the world’s most important government in the hands of a brand-new populist movement.


Also in 2016, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi convinced the legislature to shift some of its powers to the executive branch. But because he wanted a popular mandate for what might otherwise be perceived as executive overreach, Renzi called a referendum to ratify the changes and promised to quit if it failed. The referendum went down in flames, Renzi did indeed quit, and the populist Five Star Movement now has a real shot at taking power within the year.


These three events all have one thing in common: Catastrophically-overconfident establishments making (in retrospect) suicidal mistakes which opened the door for populist movements that would not otherwise have taken over their respective countries – at least not yet. Their self-inflicted wounds have changed the world.


Now we come to France’s Marine Le Pen, the anti-euro, anti-EU leader of the far-right National Front party. She’s popular, polling first among all presidential candidates heading into upcoming elections. But she’s been given no chance of actually winning the run-off that pits the top two candidates against each other in May. The expectation was that the entire rest of the right-left spectrum would cooperate to elect a mainstream candidate.


That candidate was expected to be François Fillon, a “Thatcherite” conservative who would impose a little free market vigor on the sclerotic French economy without otherwise upsetting the mainstream internationalist applecart.


Then this happened:


François Fillon faces fresh allegations over misuse of public funds

(Guardian) – The rightwing French presidential candidate François Fillon is facing fresh questions over alleged misuse of public funds, in the wake of claims that his wife was paid €500,000 over eight years for a fake job as a parliamentary assistant.

The French investigative website Mediapart and the Journal du Dimanche claimed that between 2005 and 2007 Fillon had pocketed money from a kitty of funds earmarked for paying assistants in the French senate.

Mediapart claimed he had “siphoned off” about €25,000 (£21,000) from funds earmarked for assistants in the French upper house.

Last week, state financial prosecutors opened a preliminary investigation into possible misuse of public funds to determine whether Fillon’s wife, Penelope, was paid a very generous salary from public funds for a job she allegedly didn’t carry out. Prosecutors are also investigating whether a high salary paid to her from a magazine owned by a billionaire friend of Fillon amounted to “misuse of company assets”.

The issue is potentially so damaging because Fillon’s austerity plan for France hangs on his own carefully crafted reputation for righteousness. It will be much harder for Fillon to convince a cash-strapped electorate of his controversial plans to slash 500,000 public-sector jobs and make state workers put in more hours for less pay if questions persist about his family’s privileged access to jobs paid for by their taxes.


Now the French election is up for grabs, with the real possibility of a runoff between Le Pen and a leftist who, well, here you go:


Meet the robot-taxing, marijuana-legalizing, Jeremy Corbyn of the French left

(Politico) – French left-wingers are fed up with being in power.

That appeared to be the message that 600,000 of them were sending Sunday when they made a little known former education minister the favorite to win the left’s presidential nomination.

Benoît Hamon, who spent the past two years as a Socialist backbencher fighting his own government, has little to no chance of winning the presidency in May. Then again, neither does the runner-up in Sunday’s vote, former Prime Minister Manuel Valls, according to the latest Ipsos poll.

Valls campaigned on a scrupulously realistic, some would say boring, platform of incremental change, always touting the possibility of a left-wing victory in May. By contrast, Hamon never suggested victory and drew accusations that he was deliberately campaigning not to win by pitching far-out ideas like taxing robots, legalizing marijuana and paying all French people a €750 living wage.


The upshot: Le Pen suddenly has a serious chance of running France in 2017 and beyond. The prospect of a Trump/Putin/Le Pen/Farage axis remaking the world is, um, intriguing. And it couldn’t have happened without the Establishment’s wholehearted if unwitting cooperation.




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Sometimes It’s Better To Be Lucky Than Good

Posted with permission and written by John Rubino (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)

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Fourteen Years AFTER Bernanke Defined the U.S. Dollar as Worthless

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Fourteen Years AFTER Bernanke Defined the U.S. Dollar as Worthless

Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)




History can be a cruel mistress – at least when one is able to find it via Google’s increasingly “forgetful” search engine. Who was it that made the following remark, on November 21, 2002?

“Like gold, U.S. dollars have value only to the extent that they are strictly limited in supply.” [emphasis mine]

Here is a hint for regular readers. It’s the same person responsible for the chart below.




That’s right, B.S. Bernanke. The same Federal Reserve Governor who stated that the U.S. dollar can only have value as long as it is strictly limited in supply quintupled the supply of U.S. dollars in less than five years as Chairman of the Federal Reserve: the Bernanke Helicopter Drop.

Strictly limited in supply.

Did Benjamin Shalom Bernanke even understand those words, either when he first uttered them 14 years ago, or six years later when he began hyperinflating the supply of U.S. dollars? As anyone with a sophisticated understanding of mathematics knows, the chart above is the mathematical representation of the phrase “out of control”.

As a chart of the money supply of a major currency, the message above could not possibly be clearer. This is a one-way trip to worthlessness, an illustration of a hyperinflation-in-progress. However, the quoted sentence above is not when Bernanke defined the U.S. dollar as being worthless. Bernanke did this in the sentence immediately following, in what could be the most incongruous two sentences ever uttered in sequence.

But the U.S. government has a technology,called a printing press (or, today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost. [emphasis mine]

The first quotation is utterly shocking in that it was made by the same person who would quickly become the least-responsible Chairman of the Federal Reserve in its 104 year history, in terms of not strictly limiting the supply of dollars.

The second quotation is even more shocking, but for an entirely different reason. It is so shocking because it is certain that Bernanke did not understand his own words, or he would have never advertised the worthlessness of the dollar.

As an elementary proposition of logic, anything that can be produced in infinite quantities and at zero cost must be worthless. Why? Because if this infinitely abundant, free commodity was not worthless, one could literally use that infinitely abundant commodity to buy every asset on the planet. No matter how microscopic the unit value of the infinitely abundant (free) commodity, its total supply would represent infinite wealth – more than enough to purchase every asset on the planet.

This is why, as a basic principle of economics, all fiat currencies must be worthless. They can be created in infinite supply, at zero cost. It is (not surprisingly) why every fiat currency ever created has plunged to worthlessness, or been removed from circulation before that final death-spiral could occur.

Worthless by definition.

Ponder those words. Now ponder that one of the premier authorities for this proposition of logic/economics is a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Newer readers always respond to such logic with the same retort.

If the U.S. dollar is worthless, why has its exchange rate risen (dramatically) versus other fiat currencies?

The facetious reply to that question is that 1,000,000 X 0 is still equal to zero. Saying that one (worthless) fiat currency is “more valuable” than another (worthless) fiat currency brings to mind the old joke about the man who jumps off the roof of a 100-storey building.

A man jumps off of the roof of a 100-storey building. As he sails past an open window on the 50th floor, someone sitting in an office inside hears him exclaim, “so far, so good.”

How does this joke relate to the world of worthless fiat currencies? Picture two men jumping off of a 100-storey building, with one man standing on the shoulders of the other. What is the only real difference between the two men? One goes “splat” slightly sooner than the other.

This is what the “high value” of the U.S. dollar really means: splat – a little bit later.

However, there is a much more serious rebuttal to that previous question: currency manipulation. Western Big Banks have been convicted of serially manipulating all of the world’s currencies, going back to at least 2008. Look again at the chart above and see if that date strikes a familiar chord.

Since 2008; these convicted currency manipulators have (primarily) manipulated the U.S. dollar higher, and manipulated all other currencies lower. That’s not a “theory”, that’s a fact, verified by a criminal conviction.

This is the world of fiat currencies, confirmed by 1,000 years of history, confirmed by an inadvertent admission from no less than the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. It is not only the U.S. dollar which is worthless. All of these Western fiat currencies are worthless, because they have all been conjured into existence in grossly excessive (i.e. reckless) quantities. But if we were to rank all of this worthless paper, the U.S. dollar would rank at the bottom of the heap, debauched to an even greater extreme than all the rest of this banker paper.

It is a mere 46 years since Paul Volcker assassinated the last vestige of our gold standard. Regular readers understand the significance of this as well.

“In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to prevent the confiscation of savings through inflation.”

Alan Greenspan, 1966

It is an infamous quotation from another Chairman of the Federal Reserve, but a confession which was uttered by Greenspan before he had the slightest understanding of who would “confiscate” all our savings (i.e. steal all of our wealth).

In 1971; the U.S. dollar was still relatively fully valued. By implication, so were other major currencies, since their value was a direct derivative of the value of the dollar. Forty-six years later; the U.S. dollar is worthless, meaning that the entire supply of U.S. dollars no longer holds any wealth. Forty-six years later; none of these Western currencies hold any wealth.

To where did all that stolen wealth disappear? Into the pockets of the Criminals in control of the U.S. printing press – as well as the other printing presses of the Western world. Theft by money-printing. Regular readers also know the identity of those Criminals.

Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes its laws.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812)

One of these criminals (Greenspan) warned us what would be done to us if we were ever foolish enough (and weak enough) to allow our governments and their central bank overlords to rob us of our gold standard. Another one of these Criminals (Bernanke) accidentally told us what was being done to us, shortly
before the crime was finally completed.

What is the lesson to be learned from these events? It is the same lesson explained to readers in a recent commentary, entitled The Secret of Wealth Preservation.

Our currencies are already worthless. Our wealth has already been stolen. But like a collection of cheap magicians, these convicted currency manipulators have created the illusion of value in our paper currencies.

They have been greatly assisted by the treasonous acts of our own governments. “There is no inflation,” the bankers hiss, as food and housing costs spiral out of control. The bankers get away with this lie because of the laughably fraudulent inflation statistics produced by our governments, with the U.S. government in a league of its own when it comes to lying about inflation.

Thank the bankers for this. It is because the bankers continue to maintain the illusion of value in these worthless Western currencies that we still have a last chance to exchange this worthless paper for assets of real value. Which assets?

For over 4,000 years; the answer has always been the same when seeking a “safe haven” from economic calamity (and/or the financial crimes of bankers): gold and silver. As explained in that recent commentary, gold and silver have a multi-thousand-year track record of perfectly preserving our wealth (and they have never plunged to zero value).

In contrast, in 46 years the U.S. dollar has lost almost all of its value. And fiat currencies have a perfect track record over the last one thousand years: they always plunge to zero value.

How desperate have the bankers become as they see their precious fiat currencies entering their final death throes? At the eleventh hour, these Criminals are seeking to engage in a sleazy hand-off: banishing their present collection of worthless, paper currencies, only to be replaced by something that is not even a currency.

Ask any Western banker where the future is heading with respect to our monetary system, and he or she will simply parrot three letters, S-D-R: the “special drawing rights” of the IMF. What makes this so special? Nothing. It is simply a line of credit.

It is not even possible to logically envision how a line of credit could be stretched and twisted, and end up being called a “currency”. Special Drawing Rights are nothing of the kind. They are not units – of anything – they are simply an amount.

However, in our Wonderland Matrix, where the Corporate media oligopoly censors any/all discussion which contradicts these serial frauds, the bankers simply believe that they can now call anything “money”. Note that this desperate crusade also explains a concurrent obsession of the banking crime syndicate: the War on Cash.

Can you imagine walking around with a pocket full of Special Drawing Rights? Almost certainly not. Who can imagine walking around with a pocket full of credit? But, in a world where we are no longer allowed to hold currency, where the very concept of “money” becomes totally ethereal, then in that world, perhaps the bankers can pass off their “SDR’s” as money – or at least currency.

Note also how this nearly obliterates the distinction between debt and value. By definition; SDR’s are increments of debt. The bankers are attempting to pass them off as instruments of value. Even for these Machiavellian criminals, this ranks as one of their most audacious attempted crimes.

Readers have a choice. They can play Russian Roulette with their wealth and financial stability, and hope that the bankers can perpetrate their SDR hand-off, and delay the final collapse of the bankers’ fiat currency Ponzi-scheme. Or; you can flee to safety. The only safety.




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Fourteen Years AFTER Bernanke Defined the U.S. Dollar as Worthless

Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)

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Currecide: The Globalists’ Planned Annihilation of Your Savings and Freedom

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Currecide: The Globalists’ Planned Annihilation of Your Savings and Freedom

Posted with permission and written by Dave Kranzler & Stewart Dougherty (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)




I wanted to share some of Stewart Dougherty’s thoughts, which are raw, unedited and quite insightful:


I totally agree with what you wrote me previously about gold going ballistic this year. It’s probably better set-up right now than at any other time in history, for a large number of reasons. I hope it can finally overwhelm, once and for all the schemers who work to keep it down.

I continue to think that cash elimination is the biggest story out there. It is a fraud of epic proportions, and its implications are dark and deeply disturbing. I realize that I keep coming back to this theme, but it’s because it registers with me as being so incredibly important. Sometimes, you have to say something five times before people say, “Wow. This is important. I better do something about it.” If people decide to “do something about it,” they are going to find that their options are limited. Gold being one of the few of them. Gold demand would go nuts if only the people could finally understand why they need to buy it right now. I feel a bit like Don Quixote, but I also think that the dam of realization is coming very close to breaking, and that there could be an outright flood of new, popular awareness and action.

After a decade’s worth of sharply detailed and psychologically painful analysis, Dr. Rudolph Rummel determined that in the 20th Century, governments killed 262 million of their own citizens. This was in addition to the roughly 40 million persons killed in combat during the same century, in government-waged wars. In all, governments were responsible for the murder of more than 300,000,000 people in the 1900s alone.


Rummel coined a term for this mass annihilation: “Democide,” which he defined as “the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder.”


He concluded that the root cause of the 20th Century democidal onslaught was the addiction to and miscarriage of power. Recasting Lord Acton’s famous quote, Rummel said: “Power kills; absolute power kills absolutely.”


Summarizing what he had learned from his research into the recurring problem of government mass murder, he wrote: “The problem is power. The solution is democracy. The course of action is to foster freedom.”


Last week in Davos, Switzerland, a small clique of rich and powerful people met to refine and advance their command, control and exploit agenda for humanity, the primary objective of which is to destroy human freedom.


Despite the warning shots aimed their way by an increasingly plundered and disgusted populace, it was clear that the Davos elite had not heard or sensed a thing. For them, it was full speed ahead with their plans to exert increased control over and wring greater profits from the embattled citizens of the world.


One of the core principles of Inferential Analytics, the forecasting methodology we have developed and use, is that all happenings represent Life Forces in action. All Life Forces consistently strive to become stronger, expand their reach and achieve positions of dominance. They do not merely wish to survive; they seek to prevail.


To illustrate, Greed is not simply an unquenchable thirst for money exhibited by certain people; it is a fundamental Life Force that drives those people, who are its hosts. Greed constantly searches for new ambassadors who will carry it to new heights of achievement. Occasionally, Greed hits the jackpot by locating particularly talented hosts capable of radically expanding its domain. An example being people who create slush funds that pose as “foundations,” in order to steal money intended for some of the poorest people in the world, such as Haitians. The criminally insane are particularly fine vehicles for the Life Forces of Evil, including Greed.


Dr. Rummel proved that Genocide is another Life Force constantly striving to scale new mountains and seize new territory. Genocide, which is far from being done with humanity, instinctively knows, as all Life Forces do that it must adapt, modernize and transform itself in order to achieve even greater success as it plows through time.


Genocide realizes it has big shoes to fill in the 21st Century if it is to exceed last century’s astonishing achievement of 262,000,000+ murdered people. And while Obama did everything possible to destroy U.S. relations and provoke hostilities with Russia and China, and Merkel does her absolute best to orchestrate the slaughter of civilization within Germany and throughout Europe, Xi is not Mao and Putin is not Stalin. Genocide is asking itself, “Where are all the dead people supposed to come from in the next 83 years, if I am to surpass the record I set last century?”


Life Forces will do whatever they must to invent new tactics, create new shapes, conquer new territory and set new records. They are paragons of evolution. And true to its innate instincts for high achievement, Genocide is currently evolving right before our eyes, which we can easily see if only we look.


Genocide has realized that its destructive opportunities in this world are far greater than it had previously envisioned. It now understands that annihilating human beings is not its only form of expression. It can annihilate something even better: human freedom, a much larger target that is easier to destroy. It has reached the profound insight that it is impossible for people to be free if they are financially enslaved. And that financial enslavement can be engineered on a mass scale if people are buried in debt, made completely dependent upon bankers, and then systematically impoverished while having no means of escape. It has comprehended that 21st Century enslavement will be digital, and it is extremely excited about its future.


In Davos, the Deep State oligarchs intensified their push for the elimination of cash. They recruited additional shills to help promote their agenda, including Dan Schulman, CEO of Paypal, and Columbia University Professor and Nobel Prize holder Joseph Stiglitz. They joined other Deep State operatives who have been beating the same cashless drum for some time, including Group of 30 members Lawrence Summers and Kenneth Rogoff, both of whom were also in attendance at the Davos full court press.


An oligopolized, international digital payment system is the keystone of the Deep State’s globalist agenda, and a prerequisite to the implementation of full-spectrum, for-profit, transnational governance and control. The oligarchs realize that if they can gain control of the people’s money, then they can gain control of the people themselves. Accordingly, they are now pushing the agenda harder than ever, before the people wake up to its extraordinarily evil intent and ramifications, and rise up to reject it.


We view the cash elimination agenda as Genocide staking a modern claim to 21st Century terrain, using a host even more powerful than governments: the Deep State Oligarchy that owns and controls them. Genocide is embarking on the equivalent of a corporation launching a new product line. We have named its new brand Currecide, which stands for the mass murder of currency. But it will go beyond that. Currecide will result in the annihilation of the people’s savings, and with it their freedom.


Currecide represents the most pernicious, expansive and potentially profitable fraud ever committed against the people in history. The plan is simple, and if successful will produce epic returns for the Deep State perpetrators who are engineering it: trap the people’s money within their financial institutions, and then systematically plunder it via negative interest rates, transaction charges and constantly escalating monthly and annual account maintenance and other fees. As the people’s savings vanish, they will be forced to turn to the banks for loans, and the interest charges on their added debt will further impoverish them in a vicious, self-reinforcing cycle.


The timing of Currecide is financially lethal to the people, because it is happening just as the pension funds and government entitlement programs are going bankrupt. Therefore, the people’s savings will be under attack at the exact time when they need them the most, in order to survive.


Currecide will result in the imposition of an entirely new and incremental form of taxation: financial. The money generated by these financial taxes will not flow to governments; they will flow to the owners of governments: the bankers and Deep State oligarchs. In addition to rendering unto Caesar, the people will be forced to render unto Mammon.


The financial self-interest of the hucksters of cash elimination is blatant. Paypal is in the business of digitized payments, and a payment system oligopoly will personally enrich Schulman. Summers is a director of Lending Club (digital money) and a “senior advisor” to Digital Currency Group (digital money). He, too, is expecting a big payday from Currecide. Virtually all of the academic promoters of cash elimination provide consulting services to or are otherwise funded by bankers, the orchestrators and beneficiaries of the fraud. The entire promotion is a tangled web of self-interest, greed and especially the lust for power, about which Rummel warned us so starkly.


A mere 7 days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonetized 86% of India’s cash by surprise edict, Bill Gates, the world’s richest man at $92 billion and counting, happened to show up in New Delhi. Gates met with Modi and praised his gambit, even though it had created unprecedented financial chaos and personal hardship for hundreds of millions of Indian citizens. Gates hailed it as a “bold step by the government.”


According to the BBC, Gates urged Modi to allow mobile phone companies to move into the consumer finance market. In a speech, Gates said, “these [digital financial] services can transform your mobile phone into a kind of digital bank branch, allowing you to pay for goods and services, transfer money and even get loans at the push of a key. … A move into the digital realm [in other words, the ultimate elimination of cash, a potential windfall for Microsoft that he has long advocated] will cut transaction costs, allow government to pay benefits directly to those who need them, and make credit easier and cheaper for everyone.”


Gates made the Deep State’s true agenda crystal clear: First: addict hundreds of millions of additional citizens to the toxic, expensive drug it peddles: debt. This is what he meant when he said that a cashless, digitized financial system would enable people to “get loans at the push of a key,” and “make credit easier and cheaper for everyone.” With western citizens choking on debt, the Deep State must expand its horizons, and Gates is doing his part. Second: trap the people’s money within the banking system, with no option of cash withdrawal. Third: digitize humanity’s vital needs (such as for money) in order to gain maximum control, and make it possible to “turn off” trouble makers who are not on board with the globalist agenda being imposed upon them.


The planned Currecide is incontrovertible proof that the Deep State oligarchs, and not governments are in control. There is not one elected representative in Congress we can find who ran for office on a platform that included cash elimination as a plank. To the best of our knowledge, the members of Congress have been completely silent on this subject. The cashless agenda is not coming from the people, or their representatives. It is coming from the Deep State bankers who intend to make a monumental fortune from it, at the enormous expense of the people’s financial independence and personal liberty.


To protect your money and freedom, you must possess assets that are timeless and true. There are very few ways you can do this, and your current options will not exist forever. Supplies of the few things that can protect you are completely inadequate compared to the strong, upcoming demand that will wipe them out. We say this again and again, because it is so important. In our research, we see no greater threat to the people than Currecide, given its fundamentally evil design and sweeping, destructive ramifications should it take hold. In our view, gold and silver can help protect you as few other solutions can. We urge you to beware the Normalcy Bias, which tells you there is no rush to act, because the system has basically held together thus far, and therefore, it always will. The Normalcy Bias, which is a powerful psychological force, puts one at extreme risk. We hope you will seriously consider taking action now, while you can, and ignore the Normalcy Bias’s Siren song. We write solely in an effort to inform and,
we hope, help people.


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Currecide: The Globalists’ Planned Annihilation of Your Savings and Freedom

Posted with permission and written by Dave Kranzler & Stewart Dougherty (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)

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Republicans, Democrats, and Voodoo Economics

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Republicans, Democrats, and Voodoo Economics


Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)




The Republican Trump regime has come out with its first economic policy paper. Democrat Larry Summers calls this “voodoo economics”. This is very funny on multiple levels.


Many would argue that it was the Clinton regime (with Larry Summers in charge of economic policy) which began the transformation of the U.S. economy from what was still a relatively strong and prosperous entity into the hopelessly crippled, financial Ponzi-scheme which it has become today. It was during the Clinton years, with a Democrat at the helm of the U.S. economy that the Wall Street crime syndicate was fully unleashed upon the U.S. – and the world – through tearing up the Glass-Steagall Act (1933).


Not only did that crime against humanity mark the beginning of the worst financial crime spree in the history of humanity (X 100), it also marked the beginning of the financial cannibalization of the U.S. economy, not just by the criminal banks, but by the all of the mega-corporations owned by Western oligarchs. It was during the Clinton years that the U.S. government concluded its most significant “free trade” deals.


These corrupt agreements were stacked so heavily in favor of the interests of these large corporations that the populations of all parties to these trade agreements lost. The United States lost jobs, mostly well-paying manufacturing jobs. Roughly 50 million Americans are permanently unemployed today, no longer even counted by the government’s fraudulent “unemployment statistics”. A large chunk of that total was created during the Clinton years.


The trading partners of the United States who were the recipients of all this exported manufacturing also lost. Their corrupt governments allowed the mega-corporations exploiting those nations to pay slave-wages to their workers, while contributing little-to-no tax revenues to those economies. Lose/lose.


The only significant exception to this “free trade” carousel of misery was China. China’s government played the game with Western mega-corporations, but on terms which allowed the Chinese people to significantly improve their standard of living, and with China’s government able to leverage this increased economic activity to the point of transforming itself into a global powerhouse – the new “growth engine” of the global economy.


The economic bubbles which ended up imploding during the reign of error of George Bush Jr. were all germinated during the Clinton years, with Larry Summers spreading most of the economic fertilizer, personally. What are Larry Summers credentials for criticizing the Trump regime today? What has he done after all the damage he did to the U.S. economy?


He spent part of that time as president of Harvard University, where his principal “accomplishment” was managing to incur a $1 billion loss for the university, in financing just $2 billion of debt. Of course that was just part of the losses he racked up while mismanaging Harvard. Altogether, Larry Summers was a $1.8 billion mistake during his short tenure as Harvard’s president. Today, Larry Summers is a Harvard professor – teaching courses in how not to run a university.


But we would be remiss in not giving Republicans their share of “credit” for transforming the U.S. from an economic juggernaut into a bankrupt deadbeat, which only manages to stay afloat by using $trillions in counterfeit money to buy its own worthless bonds.


Who can forget the “Reagan miracle”? Right-wing zealots still get wet dreams thinking about the Reagan years. Yes. Through the magic of “Reaganomics”, the world’s strongest economy managed to triple its national debt – in just eight years. Not even Larry Summers could have done that.


After Reagan the Republican drowned the U.S. in debt, and after Clinton the Democrat gutted the U.S. manufacturing base came George Bush Jr.: someone who managed to combine the mismanagement and incompetence of the Reagan and Clinton regimes. Like Ronald Reagan the “fiscal conservative”, George Bush Jr. also managed to triple the U.S. national debt (again) in just eight years. Like Bill Clinton, he also gave away million and millions of U.S. jobs through more, phony “free trade” deals. Standing next to George Bush Jr., Larry Summers actually looks like the “economic genius” he claims to be.


Of course after eight years of Barack Obama, the folks who still vote Republican will be foaming at the mouth by now. Where is the condemnation of Obamacare (which as any good Republican can tell you “killed the U.S. economy”)? The response to such accusations is to point out the obvious: you can’t kill something which is already dead.



Regular readers are familiar with the chart above. The velocity of money roughly translates into the “heartbeat” of an economy. What this chart clearly shows is that the U.S. economy was already several years into its present death-spiral before Barack Obama ever took his Oath of Office.


Barack Obama is a slick con-man who has spent the last eight years duping the world into believing that the deceased U.S. economy is still alive. Using Wall Street’s (and the Fed’s) counterfeit funny-money to pretend to pay the U.S.’s bills, this Zombie Economy lurches from year to year without any visible means of support to finance its extravagant spending – mostly on hand-outs to the Rich and funding the war crimes of the U.S. military.


…and then came Trump.


Ronald Reagan was an actor pretending to be a president. Bill Clinton, like Obama, was a sleazy con-man who convinced the world that the “voodoo economics” (perpetrated by Larry Summers) was an economic miracle. Using the most fraudulent accounting, he pretended that the U.S. economy was actually in a budget surplus. George Bush Jr. was a buffoon of such epic proportions that he made the U.S.’s population nostalgic for the incompetence and corruption of Reagan and Clinton.


Then we have Trump. The Donald is someone who possesses no more intellect than Junior, and even less qualifications to be president. Junior actually had political experience before being parachuted into the White House by his oligarch masters. Junior mismanaged the state of Texas as its governor before he mismanaged the United States as its president.


Trump is also without any political experience. His claim to fame is being in the right place, at the right time, and getting lucky in the real estate market – with his wealth providing him with a media platform from which to shoot off his mouth. How do we know that Trump got lucky making his original fortune in real estate?


The six times he has filed for bankruptcy since then are a pretty good clue. The only reason Trump hasn’t already lost every penny of his wealth (and then some) is because of the high-priced lawyers in his employ – and a legal system designed to make it virtually impossible for the very, very Rich to lose their ill-gotten gains.


Is there any possibility that Donald Trump and the economic pretenders with whom he surrounds himself could craft a sensible, competent economic plan which would “restore greatness” to the United States? Absolutely not. Even History’s greatest economic mastermind couldn’t breathe life into this corrupt, bloated, bankrupt corpse. The only rational economic policy for the United States (and most of the Western world) is a declaration of bankruptcy – followed by a Debt Jubilee for everyone. Free the slaves.


Wiping away all the $trillions in fraudulent debts which the oligarchs hold over us (and then electing some honest, responsible governments) is the only hope for the U.S. and the rest of the West. Barack Obama knew this, and deserves some measure of credit for managing to hide this from most of humanity for eight years.


Trump undoubtedly has no idea at all that the United States is bankrupt, and its economy in total ruin. Trump actually believes his bombastic rhetoric and vacuous promises. His economic platform is “voodoo economics” – just like the economic platforms of Obama and Bush and Clinton and Reagan before him.


The great irony (and humor) here is that it took the election of Donald Trump to provide Larry Summers with his first opportunity to be right about something he said about the U.S. economy. It would give us all a good laugh, if it weren’t so tragic.



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Republicans, Democrats, and Voodoo Economics


Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)

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Indian ‘Gold Ban’ a Portent of Major Events?

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Indian ‘Gold Ban’ a Portent of Major Events?

Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)



The price of gold (and silver) is presently falling. This was previously predicted as far back as the middle of February. Precious metals prices will almost certainly continue to fall, soon accompanied by a general crash in our markets and economies. The need (for the banking crime syndicate) to depress precious metals markets is to create the illusion that these metals are not safe havens, when panicked people are looking for somewhere to place the remnants of their wealth.


However, in order to create a veneer of legitimacy in these serially rigged markets, it’s necessary to fabricate a pretext for the decline in precious metals prices. This is coming from the mouths of the same talking-heads who only a few months earlier were crowing about “a new and very long bull market” for gold. It is in this light that we can view the latest propaganda nonsense from the Corporate media: the “India gold ban”.


Regular readers have already seen this theater previously. Three years ago; India’s previous government began radically curbing gold imports, culminating in a near-total ban in gold imports to the world’s greatest gold-lovers, and second-largest population. As was explained at the time, the ban on gold was for no reason in terms of economic fundamentals.


What was actually happening at that time is that the One Bank was blackmailing that government to do something about the extremely strong gold demand, and larger-than-normal gold imports which were
flowing into India. So the Big Banks did what these convicted currency-manipulators do every time they want to punish any particular nation, they manipulated India’s currency – lower. These convicted currency-manipulators continued pushing the rupee lower and lower until the gold ban was initiated by India’s government. At that point, the downward plunge in the rupee instantly and magically disappeared.


The ban didn’t work. It didn’t work (from the perspective of the One Bank) for several reasons. The ban on official gold imports simply inspired Indians to reopen centuries-old gold smuggling routes. Those smuggling routes had only been previously closed, voluntarily, after India’s government liberalized its gold market when it abolished the Gold Control Act in 1990.


The 2013 gold ban also failed because the moderate restriction of inflows of gold into India motived the Indian people to buy much larger quantities of silver, shattering previous import records for that metal. Finally, in banning the official importing of gold – and provoking gold smuggling – this meant that a blackmarket for gold arose in India, the automatic partner of any large-scale smuggling.


What accompanies blackmarkets? A blackmarket price for gold: a real-world price for gold where there would be no direct means for the banking crime syndicate to manipulate that price. It was for all these reasons that the One Bank relented on its previous blackmailing of India’s government, and allowed that nation to resume normal importing of gold.


Flash ahead to 2016; and some things are now different. There is a new regime in India, an extremely corrupt government which does not require blackmailing by the One Bank because the bankers already own this regime. This was previously demonstrated when this puppet government announced its “gold deposit scheme” (scam). It was such a laughably transparent attempt to steal the gold from the Indian people that it failed miserably.


While the corrupt Modi regime has denied it has plans to block imports, this denial comes despite weeks of persistent rumors that the government intends to “impose curbs” on India’s gold market. Based on these fears, premiums to buy gold in India jumped to a two-year high.


Again, as before, there is no reason for this attack on India’s gold imports. The official propaganda is that (ironically) this suppression of the gold market is aimed at reducing the amount of “black money” circulating in India’s economy. This propaganda is nonsensical for two reasons. First, we live in a world where the Big Banks are allowed to launder $trillions in dirty money for the drug cartels, and for supposed “terrorist entities”.


The banking crime syndicate is never punished for this serial money-laundering, despite the U.S.’s supposed “War on Terror” and “War on Drugs”. Yet here we have India’s (corrupt) government announcing increasingly draconian measures aimed at alleged money-laundering activities which only amount to $millions each year.


The second absurdity here was already noted. Any serious restriction of legitimate gold imports into India will instantly and automatically result in systemic gold-smuggling. That gold-smuggling will result in the blackmarket which inevitably accompanies smuggling. You can’t reduce the amount of “black money” in India’s economy by creating a blackmarket.


The final absurdity here is the increasingly hysterical hype emanating from the mainstream media in the West, to accompany this new (and doomed to fail) attack on India’s gold market:


Potential gold-import ban by India could be biggest bombshell since Nixon

This propaganda is both laughable and nonsensical. It’s nonsensical to suggest that ta (potential) second ban on India’s gold imports would be the “biggest bombshell” in the gold market in nearly half a century, when we already saw a ban on India’s gold imports three years ago – and the first ban failed. It’s laughable for the same reason: we already know that (at worst) this will be nothing more than a small-and-temporary deterrent to overall gold demand.


The fact that the mainstream media in the West have jumped all over the rumors coming from India is further proof that the propaganda machine is back to full-manipulation mode, and all talk of the Fake Rally has been abandoned. If these two-faced mouthpieces were even neutral toward the gold market, we could not possibly be seeing such bearishly one-sided and inaccurate propaganda about events in India.


While this current push in India will have no long-term effect on the gold market, the potential for a short-term disruption of imports into that nation is acknowledged. In this respect the timing of the latest announcement from the One Bank’s puppets in India is interesting.


What will happen when the One Bank crashes our markets and economies, and slams precious metals prices even lower to accompany this? Demand for gold and silver will explode higher throughout the Rest of the World, with populations which have not been brainwashed into forgetting the eternal wealth-protection provided by gold and silver. In this respect, the rumored attack by the Modi regime on India’s gold market can be seen as a closely-choreographed, preemptive move.


We know the general crash in our markets and economies is coming, but we don’t know when. Now we have an apparent move aimed at manipulating gold market demand in the world’s largest gold market which can/will only have a short-term impact on precious metals markets. This appears to be a strong indicator that the Next Crash is coming very soon.


Regular readers will recall that this Crash was originally pegged to occur in the middle of this year, pre-U.S. election, to follow the pattern of crashes in previous bubble-and-crash cycles. With the Next Crash now about to occur immediately after a new puppet regime has been elected/appointed in the United States, this suggests
that an exogenous “cause” for this Crash will be fabricated by the banking crime syndicate. This will be done in order to prevent their new puppets from being fingered as the scapegoats for this Crash.


As has been previously suggested, the most likely exogenous event to be manufactured as camouflage for a Crash is, as always, a new war, or perhaps some “terrorist” false-flag event. We are left with the following, implied chain of events. India’s government is apparently in the process of creating a temporary bottleneck in Indian gold demand. This implies that the Next Crash is nigh. In turn, this implies that the Next War is just around the corner.




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Indian ‘Gold Ban’ a Portent of Major Events?

Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)

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The Fake News Witch Hunt: McCarthy’s Red Scare Redux

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The Fake News Witch Hunt: McCarthy’s Red Scare Redux

Posted with permission and written by Dave Kranzler (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)



“Good night and good luck.” – Edward R. Murrow


The Washington Post – I should say, Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post – ran an article last week which featured a report from an organization called “PropOrNot” which claims it used “a combination of manual and automated analysis…in order to identify (“red flag”) [actual quote from the site, verbatim] the following as Russian propaganda outlets.”


Hmmm…”red flag” as in, “Red Scare?” In what is a bona fide rebirth of McCarthyism, PropOrNot claims to be “an independent team of concerned American citizens with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise” that is currently “volunteering time and skills to identify propaganda – particularly Russian propaganda…”


Seriously, is this some kind of joke? Is this the same group of “professionals” who devise the “seasonal adjustments” used to brew up Government economic reports? Has anyone vetted this organization? Apparently Jeff Bezos is unable to answer any of those questions or, as a responsible purveyor of “independent” journalism he would dispelled these questions by disclosing the credibility of this group up front.


You’ll note that I specifically single out Jeff Bezos. Bezos was quietly appointed by the Secretary of Defense to the Defense Innovation Advisory Board in July. The Board was formed in March 2016 to “focus on new technologies and organizational behavior and culture.” The Board has been asked to “identify innovative private-sector practices and technological solutions that the DoD could employ in the future.”


Clearly this is straight of Orwell’s playbook. It has behavioral modification and thought control seeping from every pore. It is a Deep State operation and Jeff Bezos is now part of the Deep State fabric.


This is Orwell’s Thought Police. The new “advisory board” is headed up by Google’s Eric Schmidt. Recall that right after the primaries if you typed “Presidential election” in a Google search bar the first item that popped up was picture of Hillary Clinton standing in front of the Presidential seal. It was eventually removed.


This blog was listed as one of the 200 websites that “reliably echo Russian propaganda.” I’m quite honored to be listed among many of the well-respected sites on “the list.” Several readers emailed me to say that “you must doing something right” to be included on that ridiculously absurd “Red Scare” list.


The two gentlemen who should be most offended are David Stockman and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, both of whom stick out prominently on the list. Stockman and Dr. Roberts are former high-level Government officials. Both were, among a long list of prestigious and patriotic accomplishments, members of Reagan’s Cabinet. The accusation that they are conduits for Russian “fake news” is not only absurdly idiotic, it’s libelous terrorism.


This development is yet another move down that slippery-slope to Totalitarianism on which the United States Government is sliding. In the 1950’s a Senator named Joseph McCarthy implemented a raging Congressional witch-hunt for “communists.” The inquisition featured more than a month of televised hearings that began looking for communists in Government. For over two years McCarthy was allowed to conduct inquisitions which extended beyond Washington DC and which eventually pointed the finger at prominent writers and famous Hollywood personalities. He singularly destroyed highly successful people in all areas of society. It was an absolute tragedy and a complete disgrace to this country.


Fortunately, Edward R. Murrow featured a report that undermined McCarthy’s Red Scare witch hunt. McCarty was eventually censored by the Senate and, even more fortunately, died in 1957.


Unfortunately, American journalism no longer has the likes of an Edward R. Murrow – or even Woodward and Bernstein. Corporatism and the Deep State has succeeded in eradicating unbiased and truthful mainstream journalism. The Alternative Media – like the sites featured on the PropOrNot Red Scare list – represent a bona fide attempt to present the truth to the public.


I predict this PropOrNot movement, sponsored by the likes of Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt, is going to succeed in shutting down the one ray of hope left for this country. Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post has taken the lead in this modern version of a McCarthyism “witch hunt” and the WaPo exemplifies the amount of political power and wealth being directed at suffocating the truth. It is Orwell’s playbook unfolding in front of us.


Good night and good luck.



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The Fake News Witch Hunt: McCarthy’s Red Scare Redux

Posted with permission and written by Dave Kranzler (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)

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The MAGA Trend Continues: Trump Convinces Carrier to Remain

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The MAGA Trend Continues: Trump Convinces Carrier to Remain

Written by Nathan McDonald CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)





Already, we have discussed the “Trump effect” that is gripping America. We are seeing people and companies turning theirbacks on globalism in record numbers and beginning to think about America first.



The time for the West to begin taking care of itself once again is now. The elite who have ruled over us for decades have gutted our jobs, siphoned off our wealth, and at the same time, made us feel guilty for our past successes. This trend is fortunately coming to a stop.



Already, Donald Trump has made deals to keep a Ford SUV plant in America and Foxconn is strongly considering moving their manufacturing back to the United States. Both of these are huge wins for Americans and have been discussed at length on this blog, but the MAGA trend doesn’t stop there.



One of the strongest talking points that Trump uttered on his campaign trail was about Carrier, the massive air-conditioner company that decided to move its manufacturing to Mexico, during the election cycle.



This decision became a focal point of the Trump campaign, where he made very serious threats of imposing tariffs on the company if they decided to gut these coveted American jobs.



It appears he was serious, serious enough for the company to take notice and reverse this decision, as reported by the New York Times.



This decision has been confirmed by the heads of Carrier, as well as Donald Trump himself, who both state that after a lengthy discussion, the decision was reached.



— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 30, 2016

Once again, this victory proves that Donald Trump is a man of action, a businessman who gets results, not a politician that simply jawbones and says what you want to hear, not what you need.



I predict that we are going to see this trend continue and we are going to see American business moving back to the United States at rates never before seen. This will be a watershed moment in history, as GOOD paying jobs return and help support this desperately failing economy.



Will this ultimately put off the ultimate collapse of fiat currency? Perhaps not, but it is worth a shot. Only time will tell if we can reclaim our past glory. We can hope, at least for now.



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The MAGA Trend Continues: Trump Convinces Carrier to Remain

Written by Nathan McDonald CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)

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