Auto Trading Robot Review – Legit or SCAM!?
Auto Trading Robot Software is a new scam that you need to be very weary of. Make no mistake about it. This is an extremely dangerous binary options trading platform that will take anything and everything you have. Yes, there are some really good binary options trading systems out there, ones which are reliable and can generate a handsome profit for you.
However, this pile of junk is definitely not one of those good programs. In fact, Auto Trading Robot scam software is probably one of the most malicious pieces of programming around. The reason we are here to do an Auto Trading Robot Scam review is that there are many vitally aspects about it that you need to be aware of. This horrible service is in no way built to help you make a profit and by no means will it treat you with respect. The people behind this fraudulent service are total crooks and they are hell bent on scamming you out of your cash.
We found a multitude of evidence and tonnes of red flags which clearly indicate that the Auto Trading Robot app is nothing more than a cash grab attempt orchestrated by criminal not-so masterminds. These guys may be able to fool some newbies into investing, but we are experienced binary options experts. We know all of the relevant signs when it comes to recognising a snake oil sale when we see one. Keep reading to find out why exactly you need to stay away from this terrible BO trading platform by any means necessary.
Auto Trading Robot Scam Software – Ludicrous Promises.
Without a doubt in our minds, one of the most evident indications that this is a scam, is the promise of being one hundred percent accurate all of the time. The low budget and downright crappy presentation video we are shown kindly informs us that Auto Trading Robot Software has a 100% ITM rate all of the time . This would mean that this software never loses a single trade and that they are all winners. Do you know how ridiculous that claim is?
Risk, or in other words, the risk of losing a trade and thus your investment, is an inherent part of the market. If everybody who used this program always won all of their trades, the world financial market would completely collapse. Binary options trading is a two-way road, which means that there usually has to be a loser for there to be a winner. Ideally you are going to be on the winning end of things the majority of the time, but unfortunately, the reality is not always so.
There is no way that any trading program, even this heap of rubbish, could ever eliminate all of this risk from the market. Even the best trading programs out there can’t get past an 88% ITM rate, and that only counts for the highest quality trading programs out there. There is now way, even in a frozen over hell where pigs can fly, that Auto Trading Robot Scam software could ever deliver on this promise!
Who Is Behind Auto Trading Robot Scam Software.
This is yet another important question that we need an answer to, one that we obviously never get to find out the truth to. One of the most important things to know when it comes to any trading program is who created it, who owns it, and who runs the show. In order for us to trust any trading service, we need to be able to trust the brains behind the operation.
Unfortunately, when it comes to this particular service, we are never informed of who the mastermind is. The presentation video is extremely secretive, useless, and not helpful in any way, shape, or form. We are never given an explanation as to who created it, we don’t have the name of the owner, and we are never provided with a company name either. It is painfully obvious that the clowns who created this program are trying their hardest to remain anonymous .
The only reason, as far as we can tell, for the creators of any BO trading software to stay hidden in the shadow is because they know their actions are illegals. These guys keep their names a secret to avoid prosecution for theft and fraud. This is a giant warning sign that we just cannot ignore by any means. This alone is more than enough to scare us away from Auto Trading Robot Scam software for good.
Auto Trading Robot App – Trusted Brokers?
Something else that honestly gives us goose bumps when analysing this program has to do with the supposed reliable and trustworthy brokers . When you sign up with Auto Trading Robot scam software, you obviously have to sign up with a broker who is going to handle your money. Of course, you want a reliable and legitimate broker who is going to be on your side and do as your say. Yet, that is not the case when it comes to this pile of garbage.
Upon signing up, you are automatically signed up with one of the “trusted brokers”. The problem is that we never get to see who this broker is. We would really like to know that. The real issue is that we know for a fact that the brokers used by Auto Trading Robot Scam software are anything but good. These guys are located in unregulated places, they are not really licensed to operate, and they will do anything they can do drain your trading account.
These crooks operate out of places which make it impossible for you to take any legal recourse against their criminal actions. In other words, the brokers used by this trash trading app have declared open season on your money. NEVER SIGN UP WITH ANY BO TRADING PROGRAM WHEN YOU DO NOT KNOW WITH ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CERTAINTY THAT THEY ARE ON YOUR SIDE!
24Option: Reliable Broker.
Auto Trading Robot Scam Review Conclusion.
The bottom line at the end of a long day is that Auto Trading Robot is nothing more than a deadly money stealing scheme. The one and only express purpose of this abomination of a trading service is to rob you of your cash while you sleep. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM IT!
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To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint centre for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you!
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