An example of binary option arrows for candlestick patterns bearish and bullish harami. With results as colored background and an option to choose your expiration (one candle by default). It’s just an example for those who has their own strategy and wants to make nice arrows in their chart. All you need to do is rewrite piece of script in lines 9:13 – feel free to.
By request Nadex Fx Volume Indicator Vv1 Original source code & Credit goes to: Pip Foundry – Forex Market Volume from IDC modified & replaced fx pairs to corrospond with Nadex spot/fx instruments //
FX SniperVX2 Color Fully integrated Rejection spike Directional coloured rejection zones Swing Trade Hull ma Support /Resistance levels Re configured Pivot zones Responsive trend directional buy / sell indicator 2 x Trend directional coloured EMA’s Sniper series.