#Bitcoin bull’s still in charge only just.

#Bitcoin bull's still in charge only just.

Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD

What’s the danger. Has yet to close below green offset 5 day MA. Gone up to sideways since last Thursday May3 breakout of downward trend line . Also broke through a couple of significant previous fractal highs on the way up. Never closed higher than 12th March resistance level $9,900 ($10,000 just psychological level). I’ve got nothing else to add. Could be make or break today as MACD bar in minus area first switch since April 8. Bulls still in charge since Thursday. For bears Market would have to close below offset 5 day MA. Then it’s got to break down through first upwardly sloping green trend line , and close below Thursday’s breakout open of $9,236.4. Then take out low $8,750 of my turquoise (light blue) rectangle that would start getting serious. Then take out $8,616 low one of my pink fractal boxes. Then take out $8,572.6 the 61.8% retrace of H. 12th March to L. 18th March. For other potential horizontal support levels see my chart.