Bitcoin Conspiracy Theory Waves Reading 21.06.2018 13:50 UTC

Bitcoin Conspiracy Theory Waves Reading 21.06.2018 13:50 UTC

Bitcoin / Dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

This time it will be something completely different than Elliot Wave , support levels and all that usual voodoo I’m talking about.

While ago I’ve noticed that usually around the 6th             of each month there is a significant trend change or boost to its current direction. This is probably how the trading bots are programmed OR <suspension moment……… has just dropped few degrees in the room, you can hear deep drums in the background> …maybe… its something much more sinister, like you’ve probably heard all about the number of the beast that consists of three “6’s”… any-who, joking aside whatever the reason for it, it’s quite clear that it’s worth paying attention to that particular day of each month.

On the chart below I’ve marked 6th             of each month for almost the whole past year and I have drawn a regression tool between each date to clearly show the trend direction in each particular period. Last one has been extended to reach the upcoming 6th             of Jul and it indicates that we’ll drop down to around £5300 before a next trend direction change for the upwards.

We’ll see how it plays out.

Good luck to all of you magic people, voodoo people 🙂