BTC             – Seems to be returning back to it’s average Growth Value – This is nothing to worry about and BTC             is not DEAD (Not yet anyway). I personally don’t have much interest in BTC             myself as a use value – However it is used to trade with ALT coins.

I presume that this 6 month bear market we have been in is literally just to bring it back to its average growth value – When it hits this – I expect a trend reversal for a few months of steady gains again. I do not predict a bull run anytime soon – as new people will need to get on board and input fiat, Perhaps they are waiting to see what the market is doing, Perhaps they want a lower buy-in price – Or Perhaps BTC             has had it’s day? Who knows?

What I do know though – Is that this is a correction, What goes up, must come down – Otherwise, it will never go up 🙂

I do expect to see BTC             at around USD $5600 / $5500 – I will only start to be concerned if it breaks this and falls below.