BTCUSD Bullish & Bearish scenario, not much to gain,much to lose

BTCUSD Bullish & Bearish scenario, not much to gain,much to lose

Bitcoin / Dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

One more up before going down, or rejection at 9.75k and going down.
Scalpers can play this when there is volatility , I’d not recommend to use positions unless 10.8k is rejected hard. I cannot see going above 11.8k, at all.
Structure is very clear.

Because we should have already corrected healthy, which we didn’t and consolidated too long with too much manipulation and fake pumps with 1/10 the volume for same price back up after each dump, makes me feel they’re going to screw the shorters above 10k to stop them out and liquidate them before they liquidate almost all the longs. Mm cannot make money with less volatility , so the game is stop loss hunting and liquidating and it’s pretty obvious for the last months, isn’t it. And it seems they’re in a hurry.

The reason why I’ve changd my mind is, because I can clearly see the manipulation for days now and you don’t wanna get burned with a bad position. For the first time in a very very long time, we didn’t correct to the 38.2%, telling isn’t it. It’s 50-50 now, but from observation, they gonna pump before they gonna dump it. Easy to do with such low liquidity now that order books are thin on both sides, especially in alt market with 1/16th tiny pumps same price.

Bullish target 10.8k -> 4.8
Bearish target 9.75k -> 3.3
Bear market 3 digits.

ETA; September ’18 (bear market 1.5-2.5 years).

At this point, crypto is too boring, I’m going back to forex and put a quarterly short future in when we hit my target at 10.8k. I can’t be bothered to pay interest over shorts, not being stuck with an overpriced bag.

Good luck.