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ADA Sell Signal (Short Term)

ADA Sell Signal (Short Term) Ada / Tether BITTREX:ADAUSDT CryptForecasts ADA             has met a strong resistance at 0.40, it has been consolidating since then. ADA             has been weakening and expected to breach trend line (pink line) any time. Sell on breach of pink like with target 0.32


NEO Long terms view

NEO Long terms view NEO / Dollar BITFINEX:NEOUSD CryptForecasts NEO has arrived at major resistance are at 140 level and NEO is expected to consolidate between 130 to 150. The long term view for NEO is looks bearish and expected to pull down from the current level. Long term target for NEO is 42



DXY US DOLLAR CURRENCY INDEX TVC:DXY Stefan_V I drew these charts back in october. Divergence on our hands. Trade with money you can afford to lose.


LTC Sell Signal

LTC Sell Signal LTC/USD COINBASE:LTCUSD CryptForecasts LTC has arrived at major resistance at 240 level, since then LTC has been consolidating, MACD and other indicator suggests some weakness in LTC. Therefore, Sell LTC with target 170


Beatcoin downturn is over.

Beatcoin downturn is over. Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD Hithc The last chart pattern I uploaded was completely successful. I work on the Korean channel, but I was asked to do it on a foreign channel. I am not good at English, so you may not understand what I say. Anyway, I was very interested in…


Gold (E-MICRO) Future APR2018 (News Impact)

Gold (E-MICRO) Future APR2018 (News Impact) GOLD (E-MICRO) FUTURES COMEX_MINI:GRG2018 Atee ***Recorded for a missing opportunity*** Trading Signal EP 1317.4 SL 1318.7 TP 1311.4 Description FOMC Meeting Minutes will be reported figure at 01.30. Setup a trading position when the time is 01.58. Note the current High and Low of the current candle stick. High…