Company News – FreshForex Website and Client Area become safer

FreshForex Website and Client Area become saferDear traders,

For us safety of traders is of the utmost importance, for this reason we constantly introduce new modern means of data protection.

Your personal information is safe

We would like to remind you that FreshForex website and Client Area use SSL certificate. That means all the personal data that you enter on the website or in the Client Area is transferred from your browser to company’s server via secure connection, so nobody can steal this information.

We’ve optimized password change in Client Area

Many clients pointed out that password change in Client Area is inconvenient, so we found solution!

Now system won’t request password change, if total balance of all the trading accounts of the client (including accounts in archive) is less than $10 or from the moment of the last password change have passed less than 180 days.

If you don’t remember your old password, click on “Forgot password?” button to change the password. After password change you will be automatically redirected to the page you wanted to visit initially.

You don’t need to enter captcha, when signing in

As you noticed, several months ago we added captcha to the sign-in page of the Client Area to protect the website from DDOS attacks. During such attacks many non existent users try to access Client Area simultaneously, as a result real traders cannot get access to Client Area.

Now we use special mechanisms to protect the website, so you won’t have to enter captcha every time you sign in.


Our website remains safe, and now it’s more convenient in use! Thank you for choosing us!