Company News – Lifehack: 13% more profitable trades!

Lifehack: 13% more profitable trades!Dear traders,

Do you know how to make more profitable transactions? It’s not about trading instruments or Expert Advisors!

According to statistics traders conduct 13% more profitable trades via FreshForex Easy Bot in Telegram messenger than in trading platform, because when trader trades via Telegram Bot, he/she doesn’t see price movement chart and gets all the information in numbers, so there is less panic involved and orders are not closed too early.

Trading with the help of FreshForex Easy Bot is not only profitable but also convenient:

Check your account balance and profit on open positions in Balance and Trade sections; Get up-to-date trading instrument prices in Quotes section; Quickly close any open position.


Trade with Telegram Easy Bot and increase your profit!

Lifehack: 13% more profitable trades!