List of most profitable assets always at hand!Dear traders,

FreshForex cares about its traders: don’t waste much time for market analysis and earn on the most profitable assets!

We’ve updated our unique service of fast market analysis FreshForex Heatmap and added new convenient features:

Use popup tips

FreshForex offers more than 130 trading assets, that’s why it’s hard to remember which symbol in trading platform corresponds to which asset.

For convenience names of all assets in Heatmap match their names in trading platform. If you forgot the name, put the mouse cursor on the needed symbol and see asset’s full name in popup tip.

Sort by asset groups

Check out the list of the most profitable assets on separate pages for CFDs, stocks and currencies, or select needed groups in heatmap settings on any of these pages: tick the box Forex, Assets CFD or Stock market.

Can’t decide which asset to choose for trading? “Show all” option allows to compare profitability of all the assets provided by FreshForex.

Besides, compare any assets that you find interesting. To do so, choose the assets from the list in Heatmap settings.

Identify market trends

By selecting “Only rising” or “Only falling”, you see which assets are rising or falling at the moment and will be able to make informed trading decision.


List of most profitable assets always at hand!

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