Company News – Trading Forecast: cryptocurrencies, oil and gas

Trading Forecast: cryptocurrencies, oil and gasDear traders,

We would like to share July trading results of FreshForex traders. Check out our report about the best trades and the most interesting assets for trading and set your own records!

Traders’ results

$4 336 is the most profitable July trade! It was long EURUSD position of 5 lots, order was in market more than 2 days.
1262.07% is the biggest increase in funds within the month, the client achieved such a result by trading major currency pairs and gold.
2076 trades made the most active trader in July! The client traded indexes, shares and cryptocurrencies without using Expert Advisors in mobile trading platform. Want to manage trades from your smartphone? Download mobile MT4 for Android/iPhone or MT5 for Android/iPhone.
$119 206 is the best total trading result of July! The client traded major currency pairs and cross rates.
62% of all the July trades were profitable.
64% clients with deposits larger than $10 000 closed this month with profit.

The Most Interesting Assets

USDTRY – USA imposed sanctions on Turkey, which caused rapid rise of USDTRY. Traders all over the world are waiting for the conflict to continue and quickly get rid of Turkish lira. From the beginning of August a USDTRY trade of 5 lots could have brought $44 372 of profit.

BCHUSD – Bitcoin Cash is a perfect assets for traders who use trend technical indicators. Almost every day ADX indicator gives strong trading signals for high profit. Potential profit for a trade of 16.80 lots during the first week of August would be $28 345.

XRPUSD – several large holders of Ripple cryptocurrency are selling their assets. For this reason we are observing strong downtrend. Use Bollinger Bands to determine perfect points to open and close positions. From the beginning of August you could have got $25 473 for a XRPUSD trade of 29.21 lots.

GAS – throughout the world interruptions in natural gas supplies are observed – every week we see news in MT news feed that cause sharp rise of GAS price. Follow the news in MetaTrader trading platform! Meanwhile, during the first week of August a trade of 4.24 lots could have brought $7 802.

BRENT – if you prefer fundamental market analysis, consider trading Brent oil – this asset offers great opportunities for earning due to sanctions against Iran. The sanctions are likely to cause decline in oil export and sharp rise of quotes. From the beginning of August a trade of 3.45 lots could have brought $5 626.

Trading Forecast: cryptocurrencies, oil and gas

*All the profit is counted for a trade with margin of $1 000.

For more information about volatile trading instruments of the month check out our Forex Heatmap!

Trading Forecast: cryptocurrencies, oil and gas