All eyes will be on Mexico’s presidential election on Sunday, but the key to the country’s future will rest on how the congressional contests shake out.

According to a poll conducted in late June by Mexico-based Parametria, the left-wing Morena party is poised to win the most seats in both the lower house and the senate. The poll showed Morena had 41 percent of voter support in the house and 38 percent in the senate.

Morena is led by leftist firebrand Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, known by his initials AMLO, who holds a commanding lead in the country’s presidential race. Some of Lopez Obrador’s policy proposals have scared investors intodumping Mexican stocks, however, fearing they will cripple Mexico’s economy. But whether or not Lopez Obrador can move forward with them will depend on how much support from congress he gets.

“The main factor people should be looking out for is the composition of the lower house and senate,” said Reggie Thompson, Latin America analyst at Stratfor. “That’s really going to determine what kind of legislative measures he will pursue.”

via CNBC

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