Continued Short On Bitcoin – Signals by Grey Trading

Continued Short On Bitcoin – Signals by Grey Trading

Hi Trader

At Grey Trading, we value and admire universal mathematical equations about financial markets. To us, a unifying set of mathematics can be used to predict all asset classes and generate an abnormal return that consistently out performs the world market portfolio. We have shown with our models are accurate in forecasting equities, indices, commodities , fx rates, bonds and even cryptos. Our models account for volatility and automatically adjust their parameters as the market changes. The model uses vast computation power and can be used to unlock insights that support trading action. We then use a genetic algorithm to find how much to weight each asset in the portfolio.

How much can you make with Grey Trading?

We have calculated our Forex Portfolios from the year 2000 to 2018 using Daily Close data. Our back tests are 100% accurate and our 100% real world solutions to making extraordinary profits simply by converting from one currency to another at the right time of the month. If you continue to keep swapping from one hot currency to the next hot currency you can compound gains month on month and year on year. Each trade had a wide margin for error meaning that you have up to 24 hours to place the trade. With the Grey Trading Approach, it is possible to generate above 7 figures starting from 10,000GBP in your first year. It is not essential that you start

with 10000GPB you can start with 2000GBP but you must realise that the likely target is then low end 6 figures after 12 months trading. Successful traders who implement our systems will follow strict emotional discipline. You must not invest money you can not afford to lose and you must understand that investments can go up as well as down. The tell-tale factor that determines your success will be your emotional management. Since positions are held for a minimum of 1 day and up to 90 days it can subject you to emotional fatigue.

Our Approach
In early 2016 I developed a theory that all financial securities could be categorised into 9 states. These states are the Steady Trend, Reversal, Strong Trend and Super Trend. The function characterising the separation between the different states is best describes as a quadratic equation. Quadratic equations allow us to make the function reverse once it reaches a threshold value. This threshold value is variable depending on a given volatility in the market in the last 20 trading days. Once the market goes approaches threshold the market begins to reverse, as institutions begin to take profit. These micro-cycles are very prevalent in the commodities markets. The third state in the cycle is the super uptrend when security prices accelerate beyond threshold levels this could be due to new information entering the market in the form of economic data releases. The super up trend is characterised by a cumulative abnormal return going beyond 3 standard deviations outside the average months volatility range. The quantitative nature of this strategy of our approach allows us to use equations, deviations and variance to calculate what state the market is in. We then adapt the model to the market by using a 20 day rolling volatility . This allows the threshold to adjust to market conditions which optimises the model for any security.

Our approach relies on Open and Close Daily data for calculating market states quantitatively. We then distinguish in the next section how our process is then to determine what stage in the cycle we are in given previous states and the current state. We can confirm the cycle stage by using Daily Highs and Daily Lows aswell as the difference between the Open and Close price of the day. Our methodology is purely mathematical and can be thoroughly tested on any asset in the world market portfolio since data collection began back in 1987 ie the Second Big Bang. To read the rest of this post…