Elliott waves analysis – We’re looking for a sell from the previous week’s highest high.

EURUSD - Up Wave Analysis During the previous week, Euro opened at 1.13956, went as high as 1.15695 and as low as 1.13949 but ended up closing at 1.14660 just a few pips above its open price. The previous week's candle is a possible sell candle and as long as the price remains below the level 1.1485, we expect a possible plunge to towards 1.1200 or even lower. The anticipated bearish price rally is the continuation of the impulsive wave v and may break below 1.1200 towards the next weekly support set at 1.0621. You may also observe the level 1.0990 for possible rebound to pick a buy. Trade Recommendations: We're looking for a sell from the previous week's highest high. BECOME FRESHFOREX ANALYST!
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