ETH – Short term expectations over medium term analysis


So I calculated the drop from January 1st to April 1st to provide a percentage.
I then looked at the previous rise/falls inbetween that period and calculated the percentages from that.
Remarkably – I have detected a $400 rise pattern (Thereabouts) between the substantial rises, before a drop.
Although the percentage in rises are different and often higher, When ETH rises $400, from a previous dip – It starts to drop again mid-term.

If the current percentile increase is to be expected to continue – I believe we could hit $760 by the end of the month, I would consider a sell at this point.
If the market continues to gain headway – I expect to see $660 without a doubt by the end of the month, If this happens – Then I expect to see Ether continue to Ascend, and break out of the pattern I can see.

With the patterns over Mid-Term, there is a possibility that it will start to decline again within the next 24-48hrs – If this happens I predict a bottom out of around $280, before another rise – That is to say, if the pattern I can see from the numbers continues…

With ETH currently still rising – I believe it may have broken out of this pattern, however the deciding factor for me would be when it hits $760 – If it rises past this point then a new trend pattern will begin. For now, I still expect to see a rise in the short term.

To come out of the “Bearish” Market the next 48hrs will be a good sign
To signal a good “Bullish” Market – We need to continue past $760

This is Crypto and anything can happen – DYOR and make your own calls, don’t fully rely on anyone else.

By admin