EURAUD 31/07-03/08/2018

Long term analysis

Pair in very strong resistance areas represented:
1 – historical resistance represented by the levels of Mory Math on the four hours of H4 -H4
2 – Very strong buying signals at the resistance levels of Stochastic , RSI and CCI , and the pair has gone out towards the 50
3 – The pair reached according to the Pound index at the medium band and in the case of stability below it gives strength to sell
4 – The pair is now at the initial levels of Fibonacci levels at – 61.8 – 78.6 and can be touched and then drops
5 – The areas that have been identified are not pending orders, but areas can reach the price and then bounce and rise or fall and fall with the advent of signs of buying or selling, for example, fluctuations or fluctuations or Price Action and …
Personally better selling than buying
And preferably to be out of the agreement according to the proportion of risk on your account does not exceed 5%

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