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(Time / country / index / period / previous value / forecast)

7:00 Switzerland index of leading economic indicators from the KOF August 103.5 102.7 102.0 Revised from 99.8

8:30 UK approved applications for mortgage loans, thousand. Revised July 64.15 to 64.77 61.9 60.91

8:30 Volume UK net lending to individuals, 5.2 billion in July 4.9 3.8

8:30 UK Changing the volume of consumer lending, one million in July 1857 Revised 1837 1700 1181

9:00 Eurozone index of sentiment in the economy in August 104.5 104.6 104.1 Revised from 103.5

9:00 Eurozone consumer confidence index (final data) August -7.9 -8.5 -8.5

9:00 Eurozone Sentiment Index in the business community with the Revised August 0.38 0.39 0.36 0.02

9:00 Eurozone business confidence index in industry in August -2.6 -2.4 -2.7 Revised to -4.4

10:30 US Fed Speech Stanley Fischer, Vice-Chairman

12:00 Germany Consumer Price Index m / m (provisional) in August 0.3% 0.1% 0.0%

12:00 Germany Consumer Price Index y / y (provisional) in August 0.4% 0.5% 0.4%

The single currency shows a slight decline against the US dollar on the background of lower sentiment in the euro zone. Confidence in the economy deteriorated in August, European Commission survey showed.

Sentiment in the economy fell to 103.5 from 104.5 in July. The expected value was 104.1.

The index of business optimism in industry fell to -4.4 vs. -2.6 in July. The dramatic decline in confidence in industry was caused by the drastic deterioration of the current total portfolio levels.

The indicator of consumer sentiment fell to -8.5, according to a preliminary estimate, from -7.9 in July. The weakness reflects a more pessimistic view of the future unemployment.

Confidence in the retail trade fell in August due to the negative attitudes of managers on the current and expected business situation. The corresponding index fell to -1.0 from 1.7 last month.

Deteriorating confidence in the services sector due to a significant decline in demand and expectations, and to a lesser extent, the last assessment of demand and the past business situation. Sentiment in the service sector fell to 10 from 11.2 a month ago.

Another study showed that the index of sentiment in the business circles decreased slightly to 0.02 from 0.38 in July. Economists had expected the index to fall slightly to 0.36.

The pound weakened earlier in the session against the US dollar, but then recovered and rose to the opening level of the day. The decline was due to the weak data on lending by the Bank of England. In the UK, the number of mortgage approvals fell to the lowest level since the beginning of 2015.

The number of mortgage approvals fell to 60,912 in July from 64,152 in June. It was the lowest since January 2015.

Consumer loans grew by 1.2 billion pounds in July, compared with an increase of 1.9 billion pounds in June.

EUR / USD: during the European session, the pair fell to $ 1.1155

GBP / USD: during the European session, the pair fell to $ 1.3057, and then rose to $ 1.3116

USD / JPY: during the European session, the pair rose to Y102.44

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