Following the grim statistical ‘fact’ that London’s murder rate overtook New York in March, the Metropolitan Police insisted that London “remains one of the safest cities in the world,” and London’s tyrannical knife-banning mayor Sadiq Khan is now echoing that line in his latest propaganda post.

While he could be forgiven for his bias in calling the capital “the best city in the world,” calling it “one of the safest” while homicide rates spike comes across as either tone-deaf or outright untrue.

Khan tweeted a promotional video aimed at reducing knife crime among young Londoners and the accompanying message:

London is the best city in the world, full of opportunity, and one of the safest. But too many of our young people are being senselessly lost to knife crime. Share our video today and help us carry a new message.”

Sadly, Khan is full of fake news as far as his claim that London is “one of the safest” cities… it’s not even in the top 10.

A 2017 report by The Economist ranked the safety of 60 cities around the world based on several factors, including personal security, digital security, health security, and infrastructure security. London came in at number 20 in the world’s overall safe cities index, being beaten by cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Seoul and Barcelona.

A 2018 report released by Numbeo, which claims to be “the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide,” complies reviews from nearly half a million netizens to rank cities in terms of consumer prices, perceived crime rates and quality of healthcare. Again, London was ranked 20th in the safety index of cities around the world.

Social media erupted as people were neither convinced nor amused by either the mayor’s pronouncement or the accompanying video clip. The video’s bottom line, delivered by teenagers, is: “London needs me alive, so I don’t carry a knife.”

Some commenters regaled Khan with harrowing tales experienced in the supposedly safe city, others accused him of spreading propaganda, while others bluntly called on the mayor to resign.

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