GBP/JPY Interest Rate Outlook Short Term Bearish

GBP/JPY Interest Rate Outlook Short Term Bearish


Giving last months Carney speech about Interest rates talk being halted due to Brexit talks – Needing clarity on where the country is heading before giving an overall economic out look.

In terms of the Currency The Pound Sterling             – Investors are mainly concerned about Brexit & Interest rates, as the bullish rally on the GBP was because the central banks said there will two rate hikes one which already occurred in December last year and a second rate hike expected this year.

Knowingly that inflation is what certifies the changes within Interest rates, ever since Carney gave out the speech about interest rates being halted we saw a decline on the GBP by 0.8% but seeing how we have an Inflation report next week on the GBP we could determine that based on this we could keep seeing the GBP decline to the previous lows and once that announcement is released which gives more confidence for investors on whether interest rates will increase or not,

If we see the nation stagnated with inflation remaining the same, or decreasing slightly we could possibly expect a rate hike soon which will give investors the convidence to keep pushing the GBP up.

TLDR; Short term weekly SELL
Long term Monthly Buy