3 Signs that Binary Options Robot is not a Scam.
There are thousands of traders that are trying to find appropriate binary robot for trading. If you are trading binary options, then you know how hard can it be to reach reliable and transparent binary software that won’t take your money right after you make registration and deposit.
Because we know this and it happens very often, we will give you few hints on how to avoid scam robots and how to recognize the software is not a scam.
The excellent example is the Binary Options Robot, the software we have been writing so much in last few years. This software is known for a very long time and we still haven’t heard that people were unsatisfied after the registration.
In this guide, we will talk about three most important things that make Binary Options Robot a practical software that enables traders to place trades with the highest level of technology tools.
Sign 1 – Binary Options Robot Allows Traders to have Full Control.
This is one of the most important things that connects traders with Binary Options Robot and it builds trust. Binary Options Robot has integrated the “Auto Trade Approval” feature that gives the traders full control over their trading portfolio.
What does this mean?
Having a full control means that trader personally decides whether he will accept recommended trade or not . The robot will generate binary signals for all underlying assets that are set for trading. But trade will be executed that moment when a trader decides to allow the trade.
Most spammy binary robots don’t even allow traders to choose to trade with certain assets while Binary Options Robot has focused on providing controllable interface with a lot of trading options for their users.
When a Robot generates binary signals, the pop-up window will appear and the trader will have two options – to accept or to reject a trade . The pop-up window will have the information about the asset, the expiry time and most important, the amount of the investment that will be placed if trader accepts the trade.
Sign 2 – Binary Options Robot is Supported with Reliable Brokers.
According to the Binary Options Robot, brokers are one of the three important things that will make better trading results. Trading with a reliable broker is definitely important.
As there are scam robots on the markets, there is also the possibility to register with a scam broker too. In order to avoid this unwanted situation, Binary Options Robot traders are allegedly secured with safe binary brokers. The Robot website claims that all brokers that are integrated into the Binary Options Robot interface are reliable and safe for trading.
In order to find more information about this statement, we have been searching for available brokers on the Robot software. We were delighted after we have found there are more than 14 available brokers traders can choose to trade with.
Among those brokers, we can mention some brokers we have already made broker reviews on our site: BinaryOnline S, PlusOption, Stern Options, uTrader, PWRtrade, OptionStars, 10Markets, TraderVC, CTOption, HBC Broker, Prestige Option etc.
We haven’t seen any of these brokers have been marked as scam brokers. Also, we have found some brokers that are regulated by the CySEC regulator which might increase the level of safety for traders.
Sign 3 – Binary Options Robot Ensures Transparent Trading Results.
Third thing, that is not less important is the fact that Binary Options Robot cares about the trading results that have been made during the trading process. Every trader has the right to track and checks his trading results, no matter if they are negative and positive.
Binary Options Robot has never claimed that the software has 100% successful results or that the algorithms can’t make mistakes. It is important that traders are aware of the fact that trading and investing in any kind of binary options could also bring some losses too.
We like the fact that Binary Options Robot wants to be so transparent in their relationship with Robot traders. Traders are welcome to use trading history in order to make better strategic decisions for future trades. Trading history is an excellent tool for making a simple analysis which asset was more or less successful. This is something that, besides safety and transparency, helps traders in their trading process.
Is Binary Options Robot a Scam?
After reviewing a lot of binary options products, Binary Options Robot has always stayed among those that are a good example. Binary Options Robot is the example that shows trading with binary options could be so simple and interesting. Traders have so many options, including trading semi-automatically (because of Auto trading approval tool) and manually.
Binary Options Robot has ensured plenty of trading assets that should keep trader’s focus for a long time. Besides that, traders are welcome to use various trading tools like Daily stop loss option and maximum daily trades. Those options additionally protect trader’s trading account and prevent unplanned losses that might appear.
Binary Options Robot also has VIP account that will additionally increase trading to another trading level. VIP account includes some tools that will help define the risk level or define expiry times. Binary Options Robot VIP also includes five different trading strategies that will calculate binary signals in different directions because every one of them is based on different trading algorithms.
All these facts could lead to only one conclusion, but we will leave our readers to detect whether the Binary Options Robot is a scam or good and reliable binary software.
We are sure that detecting those three signs with other binary robots can help you find out if the software has transparent data and does it ensures safe trading environment. We know that most traders that trade with binary robots trade with them because they don’t have sufficient knowledge to trade by themselves. This is not so important because binary software can help a lot, but not only the software with reliable and transparent information.
We hope that this guide will help you in detecting other binary robots and their quality.

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