Jeb Bush’s Campaign Out Of Money, Hopes Numbers Improve,

Jeb Bush’s Campaign Out Of Money, Hopes Numbers Improve,


Jeb Bush’s Campaign Out Of Money, Hopes Numbers Improve,

The closed-door Summit for 150 of Jeb Bush’s richest donors was meant to be a Pep Rally and celebration for loyalists to celebrate the Bush Family legacy. But, the gathering was more of a rescue operation for a candidate who looks unable to meet the expectations of the Bush family brand.

Despite raising large sums of money in his 1st months as a candidate, loyalists said that the former Florida governor is “now on life support” read out of money.

“The patient is either in intensive care and in need of some good doctors who can save him or being put into hospice and we’re going to see a slow death,” said one K Street lobbyist supporting Mr. Bush.

At the Hilton Americas Houston hotel, former president George H. W. Bush, 91 anni, and Barbara Bush, 90 anni, played host to Jeb’s “Commodores.”

Barbara Bush handed out Jeb! bumper stickers as Jeb welcomed donors for making the trip to Houston and professed his determination to win.

However, behind closed doors people are concerned about the direction of Jeb’s campaign.

“Having 41 around helps take the edge off, but we all read the same newspapers and look at the same polls and it’s tough right now. There are a lot of people we thought would have written checks who aren’t on board yet,” a donor said.

At the event Sunday, Jeb gave a preview to his next round of “feel good” video ads and while a donor said “it’s reassuring being here and looking around seeing that there’s still a lot of support for Jeb,” other attendees are looking for less motivation and more tangible evidence in a product they are investing in.

“At this point, it’s not about motivation. All the people I know have already given,” said a Washington, D.C.-based donor who spoke privately, according to reports. “The people who are left are momentum people and they need to see that this is a train that’s going somewhere.”

The historic opportunity to witness 2 former presidents and possibly the next president in 1 room rounded $100,000 in contributions. And, it is reported that George W. Bush will take questions from attendees Monday morning to inspire additional support for his brother.

Jeb’s campaign has big troubles, either the numbers keep going down and they got to figure out what you’re going to do; or the numbers will eventually improve, which is what supporters are counting on.

Jeb Bush’s complaints about Donald Trump are coming across “as a lbit whiny,” fellow GOP candidate Lindsey Graham said Monday, calling for Mr. Bush and all candidates to challenge Donald Trump more effectively. So far, none of them have been able to do that “effectively.”

Things look grim for Jeb in here.

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