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Louis Cammarosano: Interconnectedness of Silver Eagles and India’s War on Cash

Posted with permission and written by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)





American Silver Eagle sales have been suspended for the year according to the Authorized Purchasers of U.S. Mint products. Once again, as we have seen in the past, the U.S. Mint makes a dramatic change without warning. Where else have we recently seen a very dramatic change in policy without warning? India announced, without warning, the ban of the most widely used bank notes in the country – without warning. While these are very different scenarios they demonstrate the absolute control governments around the world hold over our money and our currency. Silver, while tatted as an industrial metal, has been money longer than any other form of money on planet earth. Silver was money long before gold was accepted and circulated as money.


As we have pointed out, time and again, once a nation’s money/currency becomes corrupt, the entire system must become corrupt in order to cover up the lie that money (gold and silver) will continually tell the citizens. Once the citizens become aware of the corruption of their money/currency, the citizens can begin to see the corruption supported by the lie.


“The more of these types of laws you make, the more corruption you create.” Louis Cammarosano, The Daily Coin

I recently penned Gold – Money of Kings where I pointed out that I was focusing more on gold than silver as gold is where the big, wealthy investors focus their capital and not silver. I love silver and understand the “silver story”. For this reason I will continue collecting silver, but in a different manner. Over the past several months I have really become a big fan of the America the Beautiful 5oz silver coin. For just about the same money, and in some cases less money, you can acquire a truly stunning piece of silver with an extremely low mintage that has a growing “coin collector” base.


Louis Cammarosano, Smaulgld, stopped by to discuss the America the Beautiful, share with the audience conversations we have been having offline regarding the American Silver Eagle situation (this conversation was recorded prior to us learning the U.S. Mint had suspended the sale of Silver Eagles) and what is happening in India. On the surface these three items may appear to be completely disconnected, but during our conversation you will discover the interconnectedness these items bring to the table.


India is the second most populated nation on planet Earth. The government decided to make illegal the two most circulated bank notes in the country, claiming this would help curb “corruption and terrorism”. The bank notes have the equivalent value of $7.50 and $15.00 American. If a total of $22.50 is driving “corruption and terrorism” in India our world has much larger problems than we ever imagined. It also appears that politicians, judges, government officials and mercenaries can be bought a lot cheaper than I ever thought possible. Personally, I have been under the misguided belief one would need tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more, to even consider bribing a government official or funding mercenaries. Once again, the government is tipping its hand to show just how corrupt they have become while at the same time treating the citizens like a buffoon. We are not buffoons and the masses are learning, more and more everyday, who the real enemies of our lives to be. We see you and we know who you are.


India is a prime example of why everyone should possess physical gold and silver within arms reach at all times. The corruption, that we know is global, can turn on the citizens in a flash. The U.S. Mint, while not a reflection of corruption, made a change that will impact the next two-three months of any silver collector’s life. This change, at the U.S. Mint, has happened on a number of occasions over the past three years, is just a small sample of what can happen right here in the U.S.


What happened in India, over night and without warning, demonstrates how serious these corrupt, criminal government officials are about controlling our lives. One of the ways we can protect our individual sovereignty is through possessing physical gold and silver. Will this save our life? Maybe. Will it protect our wealth and our individual freedoms? Yes. If you don’t think so ask any German that possessed gold or silver during World War II.


Gold and silver answer to no one, while at the same time answering to everyone. This is the biggest problem governments have with citizens possessing physical gold and silver. Accepted world wide with few to no questions ask, transactions can be 100% opaque. The transaction never happened unless one or both parties make it known. If you still live in the misguided mindset that what happened in India can’t happen here – remember this. The population of India represents 1 in 7 people on planet Earth. As you move through today every 7th person you see could be from India. There are 1,336,286,256 (May 2016 est.) people in India and as of August 2016 an estimated 7.4 billion people world wide. If this type of change can impact every 7th person you encounter – everyday – what are the odds it could soon impact you? What makes the other 6 people on this planet any different or any safer from these corrupt governments?





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Louis Cammarosano: Interconnectedness of Silver Eagles and India’s War on Cash

Posted with permission and written by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)

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