More on the danger lurkng in XRP SHORT


Linked to this idea is the previous ideas. On this little story of XRP i published a chart 19october to say i thought XRP was best bet long in crypto at that time. But yesterday i posted a idea that was stil a long but i was becoming wary of something. Well today i think i have now conviced myself this is high chance to happen so it has made me sell most of my xrp, and i will sell the rest if we get a nice pump up towards 0.59

On the chart we are about to come across strong long term resistance down, this resitance is showing across several long period intervals by using different measures to estimate where resistance will be. Then we have the fact it looks right to complete or semi complete a semitrical pattern which would make sense if we are seeing trhe bottom of the market before we start to embark north.

Because it looks to be heck of a quick drop if it does indeed drop i will wait until we have a burst up and ladder sell the rest of my xrp, but after that a short position should see a quite return if i am indeed correct.
If i am no thten i will sit here watching XRP go up up and up without owning anyway haha….story of my life 🙂

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