NANOBTC – Nanoseconds Before Blastoff!

NANOBTC – Nanoseconds Before Blastoff!


****This is not financial advice and my own opinions. You need to do your own research and diligence prior to entering a trade.

We can see following the trend lines that we are approaching the base of this declining wave. If we bounce off the bottom this could be a very good opportunity for a 25-30% gain if you wish to take profits prior to testing the upper trend line or even more if you believe we will break through. That’s something we’ll only know nearer the time and i will be publishing another TA when that comes around!

If a breakthrough is successful, there is free air for the most part up to the 130K-145K Satoshi range (rather broad range i know).

I would consider picking up a few bags of NANOBTC             around the 77K-82K range if you’re feeling bullish too.

Thanks for checking this out!