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5 Must Know Trading Rules for Day Trading Beginners 2023.
December 13, 2022 by ismaeel.
Dear Traders, in this blog i will try to explain 5 Must Know Trading Rules where day trading beginners to follow. In order to avoid blowing up day trading, especially in the current market conditions right now could be like the wild wild west, where you can see 3,000% gainers take off like a rocket … Read more.
How can I never lose on trading? 5 Important Trading Steps 2023.
December 7, 2022 December 5, 2022 by ismaeel.
It’s very simple and you need to stay very attentive to whatever market you want to do. if you have question in your mind that Never lose on trading? You can follow these steps and I’m sure they will help you throughout your whole trading life. 1- You need to always use a trading plan Trading … Read more.
Reasons for Losing money Why do most Pakistani people lose money in trading ?
December 7, 2022 December 5, 2022 by ismaeel.
Today we will discuss about 7 main Reasons for Losing money and how we can avoid loss in trading.Every person comes into trading life only to make money, but when he gets a loss he gets scared and quits trading, but he doesn’t know that we can reduce this loss if we know how do … Read more.