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Full Review.
Recently, we got the opportunity to review the software called Option Robot. Option Robot is a binary options auto trading system and it has been on the market for some time now. From what we have seen so far, the robot has been performing consistently and it has been recommended on a number of independent review websites. It is quite rare to come across a trading system that is such a good performer.
Our team monitored the performance of Option Robot over a period of time and in this comprehensive review, we have detailed our findings.
How To Use Option Robot?
There are two ways to use this application. It has features that allows for complete auto trading as well as semi auto trading . What this basically means is that traders can choose to leave the entire trading process in the hands of the robot or they can use the signals generated by the robot and make trading decisions by themselves.
If trader choose complete automated mode, the robot will execute trades as and when it has identified trading opportunities. When it is set on semi automated mode, it will generate signals and send it to the trading platform. From there, traders can decide if they want to place trades or not.
No Download Required.
A good auto trading robot is one that can be used anywhere and at any time . Option Robot offers ease of use because it is a web based application that doesn’t require download. Traders have to sign up and use their id and password to access their account for trading purposes and they can do this from anywhere and at any time .
Getting Started.
Anyone who is looking for a more innovative style of trading can open an account with the Option Robot software. Getting started is easy and hassle free. Let’s take a look at the process that can allow traders to get going with this binary options software.
It is advised that traders clear their cookies from their browser before they initiate the sign up process. They must then use a unique email id to complete the process. After this they will be taken to the brokers page where they can complete the next step.
A trading account with an acceptable broker is mandatory for trading. The application will assign a broker and traders have to add a deposit. They must meet the minimum deposit requirement which is usually about $250. When the funds are successfully added to the account, it is possible to customize the settings of the robot and use it to auto trade.
Since it is a high performance robot, traders can see profits within just a couple of hours of getting started. The profits that are accumulated in the trading account can be transferred provided that traders meet all the withdrawal requirements. It is crucial for traders to read the withdrawal terms and conditions before they submit a request for transfer of funds.
The average winning rate with Option Robot is 83% when it is used on complete auto pilot mode. These figures have been attained by traders and the return rate may go up or down depending on the choices made by traders.
The cost of Option Robot is zero. There are also no hidden charges or fees. Traders can find success in the world of online binary options trading without risking their investments.
Is Option Robot a Scam?
When reviewing this software, we did not come across any typical scam signs. Even in the promotional video, traders are not greeted with fake actors and scam artists. There are also no fake testimonials on their website or anywhere on the internet.
Review Verdict: Option Robot is Not a Scam.
Neither fake testimonials have been used, nor stock photos of actors and models. There are mainly positive things about Option Robot. In their presentation, they are very clear about the results that can be attained and even the algorithms that have been used to attain such results.
The choice of brokers is also impressive. It appears that Option Robot is only compatible with the reputable names from the brokerage industry. They assign legitimate and trustworthy brokers for a safe and secure trading experience .
Special Features.
With most binary options robots, traders can only adjust the settings and the parameters. This means that traders can only choose the asset they want to trade, the amount they want to invest per trade and how many trades they want executed per day. But with Option Robot, traders can even choose the indicator that they want the robot to use for generating signals .
Traders can choose from 6 different indicators including RSI, MACD, CCI, Williams, Trend and Stochastic . Traders can choose one or more indicators at a time. Choosing at least 2 indicators contributes towards higher accuracy levels and enhanced profitability.
Customer Service.
From our findings, we can say that Option Robot is among the best automated trading robots on the market today. In addition to all the special features, they also have an excellent customer support team that is available round the clock via email to provide guidance and assistance to traders.
In our conclusion, we would like to confirm that Option Robot is a legit software that can give traders excellent results . The profits that can be earned with this auto trader is impressive and since there are not many systems that can guarantee such results, we would like to recommend it to all traders who want to improve their earnings from online investments.
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