Profitable Trading Strategy The Most Accurate Buy Sell Zones Signal Indicator.
In this article I’m going to talk about Profitable Trading Strategy with buy sell signals zones indicator which is available on trading view and that is hidden and most of the traders have no idea about this Trading Indicator so today I’m going to highlight the best version of the indicator for the buy sell so stay tuned in this article. Now let’s move towards our blog and we will be using some indicators so first of all, if I right into the trading view linear.
Profitable Trading Strategy.
1- Trading View Chart.
Trading View Chart.
so if I right linear regression then it will come up the Linear Regression Channel. so here are a lot of linear regression channels but you need to use the simple one which is available on trading view but itself.
2- Linear Regression Channel Indicator.
Linear Regression Channel Indicator.
So if I click this indicator, so basically it has a look like this.
Linear Regression Channel Indicator.
And now I’m going to add the second indicator again I will write linear regression, then you will find completely right linear regression candles and then it is by you Guru.
3- Linear Regression Candles Indicator.
Linear Regression Candles Indicator.
So you will also attach this indicator on your screen now you can see I have attached the two indicators on my screen.
Linear Regression Candles Indicator.
Now, the third one that we are going to use is the UT vote and if you will, right UT in your trading view, then it will come up both alerts by quant nomad. Okay, so 2509 traders are using this strategy.
4- UT Bot Alerts.
UT Bot Alerts.
so this is how this indicator actually works.
UT Bot Alerts.
So first of all, just notice the setting that what I’m going to do right now, so first of all, I was using the Hycon ashy candles so you can disappear your Heikin Ashi candles from here at the top of the chart.
So I will recommend this indicator to use on the one minute five minute but five minute is very good even 15 minute is very good and it will be providing you with the good buy and sell signals. Now how to use this indicator actually. So basically the middle line is the linear regression line and the top two lines the upper one and the lower one are the standard deviation lines. So what is the basically role behind this indicator the role is very simple that you are just going to trade this indicator from the from the breakouts once you have a proper breakout and you have a sell signal from that’s what I personally liked that you must have a sell signal from the UT board indicator as well. Otherwise, if you want to take your early entry, then you can but I personally don’t recommend because the Linear Regression Channel will keep on updating with the market movement.
Heikin Ashi.
So that’s the only problem with this, but if you will be following the UT board alert setting indicator with this then definitely no one can stop you from making good profits from the market. So, for example, here you can see.
5- BUY Signal.
BUY Signal.
the market was below the Regression Channel and then the candles turned green and then you have a buy signal and you can see it went up and then it was rejected from the top level it come down.
6- SELL Signal.
SELL Signal.
and then here you have received a sell signal from the UT boilers . Now you can test it up to the lower regression line. And also if the Regression Channel is directed into the downward direction then it means that you are into the downward trend. When it will be directed upward then you you will be expecting the upward trend moreover the settings that I have given you for the UT board you can see it’s working very nice for the cell it was down by it was up so you can see maximum good signal cell it was down so it’s not only about the gold its working on the other pears as well.
So guys this is the top ranked strategy I personally love this strategy. And again I’m telling you the linear regression line do not comes into the repenting it basically it’s not called the repenting verdict. Basically it will adjust its levels according to the market. But you need to understand the importance of the method that I have taught you in this article. If you will follow this method then definitely you are going to make massive profits out of your trading. So guys, what do you think about this strategy? Please let me know into the comment section. Moreover, please like my this article and share these with everyone. Thank you very much for reading this blog.