It has been months since cable news networks like CNN have dispatched reporters to cover adult-film star and President Trump antagonist Stormy Daniels’ performances at various strip clubs around the country (the former porn actress, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, wasted no time trying to cash in on her notoriety at the clubs). But for anybody who’s still interested, Stormy Daniels has announced that she will continue her run at Chicago strip club the Admiral Theatre after the owner of the club said yesterday that her remaining shows had been canceled. According to the Chicago Tribune, Daniels made a sudden exit Thursday night during her first show that angered the club’s management. However, Daniels booking agent and the club owner are saying they’ve managed to “resolve their differences.”

Daniels will return to the Admiral’s stage, which is located on Chicago’s northwest side, four more times.


Club owner Sam Cecola apologized for some ill-advised commentary following Daniels’ first “Make America Horny Again” performance Thursday, telling the Tribune that he “thought her show was nothing to write home about,” and questioning whether the show would go on. But Cecola has since changed his tune.

“The Admiral Theatre sincerely regrets any comments that have been made, either publicly or privately, that have been disparaging of Miss Daniels and her team,” Cecola said in a news release sent late Friday afternoon. Cecola added that he “takes back what he said in anger.”

Nick Cecola, the Admiral’s “creative director” (a hilarious title for a strip-club manager) later insisted that the dispute was “definitely not about money.” But the Tribune said Daniels’ decision to storm offstage was prompted by the club selling tickets for an unauthorized meet-and-greet, which apparently violated Daniels’ “security protocol.”

Daniels’ camp said a series of issues led to her exit. Her assistant Dwayne Crawford told the Tribune late Friday afternoon that the Admiral had a “little man” management wanted to pop out of an onstage cake as Trump.

“And we weren’t having it,” he said. “We avoid political situations with shows, because we’re in the middle of a lawsuit,” he added. He also said that for security purposes, Daniels’ team has a very specific way of handling meet-and-greets and retains all merchandise profits — something stated in the contract, a copy of which he sent to the Tribune.

The Admiral team had organized and sold tickets for a Thursday night meet-and-greet on their own. Crawford said the Admiral management was unprofessional but added: “They were extremely passionate about the show. I think they were a little overexcited.”

All told, Daniels’ performance lasted for about 15 minutes, and started roughly an hour late. According to the club, tickets for all of the events had sold out, and the crowd on Thursday was “spirited and filled with people who appeared to be in a strip club for the first time.” And although there was a cake wheeled out on the stage, Daniels didn’t acknowledge the president’s birthday or performance the famous Marilyn Monroe “Happy birthday, Mr. President” bit. The Tribune reported that men wearing red MAGA hats stood at the foot of the stage and cheered as Daniels stripped off her red-white-and-blue-themed clothing to the tune of songs like “American Woman” and “American Girl”. At times, she allowed audience members to “nuzzle her bosom” as the Tribune put it. Some patrons complained that they were denied having their photos taken with Daniels because of her quick exit. Hopefully Daniels next few shows are more successful, because if a judgment against her attorney, Michael Avenatti, goes the wrong way, Daniels could lose most of the $600,000 raised in a crowdfunding campaign.

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