Strategies for 1 minute (60 seconds), 5 minutes, 15, 60 minutes or one hour for binary options.
The best working strategies for binary options on timeframes of 1 minute (60 seconds), 5 minutes, 15 and one hour (60 minutes) for profitable trading.
On this page, you will get acquainted with really working, tested strategies for binary options for different trading time periods. I can immediately recommend testing these strategies for a start on a DEMO ACCOUNT , after successful trading, you can start trading on a real account.
60 Seconds Fever Binary Options Strategy.
The strategy for binary options 60 seconds “Fever” was developed for trading and making money on short periods of time – 60 seconds or 1 minute. It refers to indicator strategies, works on any underlying assets, and brings about 85% of closed contracts with profits and will definitely help you increase your deposit.
How the strategy works.
The strategy is based on several technical indicators – a moving average and two MACD oscillators to get even more accurate trading signals.
As you know, the Moving Average indicator is a trend automatic tool for assessing the market, which on the chart shows the average value of an asset for a certain time period, and the points of price deviation from the calculated value. With its help, we will see the trend and the moments of its reversal.
With the help of the MACD oscillator, in two variants of parameters at once, we will see the intensity of the market without market noise and the point of its reversal. Why is the second MACD used? The fact is that the seconds charts of quotes, on which trading will be carried out, are characterized by a lot of market noise, due to which you can make an erroneous trading bet. Using the second oscillator with alternative parameters will allow you to filter out incomprehensible price movements and see the real reversal of quotes.
To set up a strategy template, you will need trading software with built-in custom indicators, second chart intervals and execution of trades without price slippage.
The settings we need in trading platforms are available from binary options brokers.
So, we select an asset with a trending market, switch its chart to the 15s interval and add indicators with the following parameters:
MA Simple – period 30 MACD – parameters 6/12/9 MACD – parameters 25/50/9.
Having finished setting up the template, you will receive the following markup of the quotes chart, which will already be ready to receive signals:
You should have one moving average on the chart, relative to which the quotes will move, and two oscillators, the movings of which will confirm the market reversal for you and indicate the optimal points for making deals.
How to make deals using trading signals binary options strategy 60 seconds “Fever”
To conclude a deal, you will need to wait for a complex trading signal consisting of three indicators – the price breakout of the SMA moving average, the crossing of the zero level on the lower oscillator, and the crossing of the movings among themselves on the higher MACD. Signals will appear almost simultaneously, so you can immediately conclude a deal and, within a minute, with a high probability, close it with a profit.
Indicators for trading UP:
the price crossed the SMA from bottom to top on the lower MACD line broke through the zero level up on the older MACD, the lines crossed and turned in an upward direction.
Something like this will look like a complex signal about the beginning of an upward movement on the chart:
Indicators for trading DOWN:
price crossed the SMA from top to bottom on the lower MACD line broke through the zero level down on the older MACD, the lines crossed and turned in the downward direction.
Something like this will look like a complex signal about the beginning of a downward movement on the chart:
In a one-sided trend, the prevailing number of transactions will be with the forecast of the direction of the asset market movement, and the entry will be carried out on the return of the price to the trend after a slight correction. However, indicators can also identify a deep correction, which can also be used to enter a trade in the opposite direction to the trend.
Expiration time and money management.
On a 15s timeframe, the expiration time for transactions with high market volatility should be 1 minute, however, with a decrease in market volatility, the expiration time should be extended to 2 minutes. If all the rules for entering the market are observed, 85% of transactions will be closed with a profit. The main thing is to choose a suitable market situation where the binary options strategy 60 seconds Fever will be able to unleash its potential. In order to reduce the level of risk, the volume of each trading bet should be reduced to 2-3% of the amount of trading capital, or to $ 1 if there is a small amount of funds on the deposit.
60 second strategy for options: MA + Stochastic.
This is an indicator trading system.
A set of required indicators:
SMA. Stochastic Oscillator.
Leave the indicator settings as they were. Then we set up a one-minute candlestick chart and an expiration time of 1 minute.
So how to trade 60 seconds options with this trading strategy? Two indicators drawn on the chart will help us with this.
Sample signal on PUT (Below)
In order for an option trader to have the right to conclude a deal of the “Below” type, the following conditions must be met:
bearish candlestick (red) confidently crosses the SMA indicator from below from above; look at the readings of the Stochastic Oscillator. Its lines should go out of zone (80) and point downward.
As you can see, the trade on the best options strategy for 60 seconds is sure to close in the money.
CALL signal example (Above)
To be eligible to consider transactions for the purchase of a contract of the “Above” type, the following picture should be observed on the chart of the trading platform:
bullish candlestick (green) confidently crosses the SMA indicator from top to bottom; follow the indications of the Stochastic Oscillator. Its lines should go out of zone (20) and point upwards.
The screenshot above shows that there was a protracted downtrend, since both Stochastic lines were in the oversold zone (20). There were attempts to get out of this area, but sellers prevailed over buyers, which put strong pressure on the financial asset.
However, over time, the green candlestick crossed the simple moving average (SMA) from the bottom up, which gave reason to believe that there was a trend reversal. We made a deal with a 1 minute expiration date and we paid right.
There are no 100% profitable trades for any strategy, even a highly profitable one. Therefore, Martingale will help out here. Above, we wrote the essence of the application of this system.
Strategy for trading binary options for 1 minute Maestro.
The strategy for trading binary options for 1 minute Maestro is based on technical indicators and provides high-precision signals to conclude deals, allowing 85% of them to be closed with a profit.
How the strategy for binary options 1 minute Maestro works.
The strategy is based on the most famous technical indicators in stock trading: Bollinger Bands, Simple MA and RSI with special settings. Since the Bollinger Bands indicator is used here, the strategy works according to the principle of channel trading, that is, based on the regularity of price behavior within the channel built by the indicator.
The moving average and RSI are used as guarantors of a short-term trend reversal, so you will enter the market using a trading signal that will be generated simultaneously by three indicators, which ensures its high accuracy.
So, setting up a template should start with choosing a suitable trading asset – that should be a currency pair, in the market of which the price makes wave movements. Switch the asset quotes chart to the 15s interval, which will allow you to enter into short-term trading rates for 1 minute of expiration.
After that, add indicators to the chart by specifying the following settings for them:
Bollinger Bands Moving Average Simple – in two variants of the MA period 3 and 5 RSI with a period of 10 and marks of 50/50 levels.
Do not be intimidated by the relatively large number of indicators used on the chart, since the indicators they generate will appear in a simple form. In this case, all indicators will appear simultaneously, thus forming one trading signal to conclude a deal.
Trading signals binary options strategy for 1 minute “Maestro”
First, let us remind you of the principle of channel trading using the Bollinger Bands indicator. When the price of an asset moves inside the channel built by the indicator, as a rule, it fluctuates from its upper border to the lower one, each time rebounding from them. The moment the price touches the channel is perceived as a trading signal to conclude a deal with a forecast of a rebound and a reversal of quotes in the opposite direction.
However, it is not uncommon for quotes to impulsively break through the channel boundary or, having touched it, move in a new direction for insufficient time to conclude a deal. To avoid false signals, the system uses MA indicators, the crossing of which confirms the market reversal, as well as the RSI oscillator, which confirms the duration of the new trend by moving the moving away from the 50 level.
A price increase contract is drawn up when:
quotes touch the lower border of the Bollinger Channel moving averages will cross upwards RSI line to move above level 50.
On the same segment of the chart, a trading signal for a decline looks like this:
Expiration period and money management.
When trading on the 15s chart interval, binary options strategy signals for 1 minute are calculated to conclude a deal with an expiration of 1 minute. If you increase the timeframe of the chart, then you can make longer trading bets. Competent risk management in the strategy consists in reducing the amount of the concluded transaction to 3% of the deposit volume. With a small trading capital, the lot size should be set to the smallest.
Strategy for binary options for 5 minutes “Temper” for novice traders.
When placing bets on this TS, you can count on a good profit. Basically, this is scalping the foreign exchange market. With the help of his signals, a trader will be able to receive signals with an average accuracy of 86%.
Indicators of the “Temper” strategy.
The trade will be based on three indicators intended for scalping the market.
To generate potentially profitable signals for an expiration period of no more than 5 minutes, the following indicators will need to be installed on a live chart:
TTM Scalper Indicator. Trend Trigger Factor. Inverse Fisher Transform on CCI version 2.
Important: it is necessary to apply the above set of indicators for the strategy for options for beginners on the TradingView service.
After putting all the indicators on the working chart, you should get the following:
How to work according to the “Temper” strategy.
Analyze the price chart during the most volatile period, that is, during the European and American trading sessions.
Rules for purchasing contracts “Higher / Lower” for TS “Temper”
After conducting technical analysis using our set of indicators, in order to open an “ Up ” trade, the following situation will need to be formed:
the Trend Trigger Factor indicator has drawn an oversold zone from which the Japanese candlestick starts a bullish movement; the TTM Scalper Indicator assistant marked the local resistance level (blue dots on the price chart). The candlestick must overcome the level of these points (break from the bottom up); Oscillator Inverse Fisher Transform on CCIv2 comes out of the lower channel.
Down contracts can only be opened after meeting the following technical conditions of our binary options strategy for beginners:
the Trend Trigger Factor indicator has drawn an overbought zone from which the Japanese candlestick starts a bearish movement; the TTM Scalper Indicator assistant has marked the local support level (blue dots on the price chart). The candlestick must overcome the level of these points (break from top to bottom); Oscillator Inverse Fisher Transform on CCIv2 comes out of the upper channel.
Determining the expiration.
If we are working on a 1-minute timeframe, choose an expiration of 5 minutes. In this trading tactic, the formula applies to expiration: timeframe = 5 candles . So, in a short period of time, each trader will have a lot of potentially profitable signals.
Trading strategy for binary options for 15 minutes “Three Kings”
The strategy is based on such well-known indicators as: MACD, RSI and MA. With the help of trading signals, you can increase your deposit by 70-80%.
The RSI will be the key indicator in this TS. But it is not necessary to immediately conclude that this will be counter-trend trading. The signal to open a position will be the RSI crossing of the 50th mark. And it’s best to avoid 15 minute options trading strategies that are sharpened against the trend. Despite the main problem of all indicators – lag, this system neutralizes this issue by the fact that we will conclude a deal in terms of only one temporary candle.
Timeframes for the 15 minute strategy will be used: 15, 30 and 1 hour.
Indicator set.
Moving average SMA with a period of 10. Relative strength index RSI (standard settings). MACD (settings remain the same).
As a result, you should get the following picture:
Once again, note that the crossover of the 50th RSI mark indicates a very strong signal. However, it needs additional filtering like all other signals. The simplest filter in this TS is the SMA with a period of 10. We are looking at the position of the Japanese candlesticks in relation to the moving average (above or below).
The second filter can be the MACD technical analysis tool. It is even capable of delivering incredibly accurate signals by itself, which are formed based on the intersection of the base and main line.
Signals for the “Three Kings” strategy.
It’s time to consider trading signals that will enable a trader to open a CALL (“Higher”) trade:
RSI crossed the 50th level from the bottom up. MACD shows the crossing of lines below the zero “meridian”. The Japanese candlestick is forming above the SMA (10). We buy the CALL option (“Higher”). The expiration time is 15 minutes.
Let’s now look at the exact 15 minute options signals with the option to enter a PUT trade (“Below”):
RSI crossed the 50th level from top to bottom. MACD shows the crossing of lines above the zero meridian. The Japanese candlestick forms below the SMA (10). We buy the PUT option (“Below”). The expiration time is 15 minutes.
Even if the trade closes at a loss, you can use the Martingale system. This is when each losing trade increases in the rate by 2.5 times. We tested this simple 15 minute options strategy on different currency pairs. The result exceeded all our expectations everywhere. The approximate percentage of profitable trades has reached 72%.
We recommend taking into account trading signals that differ in the distance of the RSI and MACD crossing. This is what we are talking about:
Also, the RSI indicator may not cross the 50 mark for a long time, but stamp next to it. In this situation, you should be patient. Scroll through the chart of the selected asset and see how the price reacted to such situations.
Simple strategy for options 15 minutes.
Note that this system is quite effective in terms of high-quality signals. Deals will be concluded with an expiration date of 15 minutes. Although the analysis will be performed on the M5 timeframe . Any currency pairs can be used, of course, it is desirable that these are highly volatile assets. We recommend trading using this strategy from 10:00 to 20:00 Moscow time.
Indicator set.
So, the following EAs should be installed on the live chart, allowing you to perform technical analysis:
Vortex Indicator; True Strenght Indicator.
These are all the trading indicators you need to trade a simple 15 minute options strategy. The analysis of assets for it will be carried out on the live chart of the TradingView service.
First, install the True Strenght Indicator. It is enough to enter the first word “ True ” into the search box , and the required indicator will be displayed.
Then, in the same search box, write “ Vortex Indicator ” and select the corresponding “turkey”:
As a result, we get a work schedule of the following type:
That’s it, the live chart is ready to analyze any financial assets. Now the main thing is not to miss signals to conclude contracts on options for 15 minutes .
Examples of Up / Down signals.
Up contracts can be concluded only if the following situation is observed in the market:
True Strength Indicator showed the intersection of the red and black lines. It is important that the red line is at the top before the moment of crossing, and after crossing, it moves down. Vortex lines (red and blue) should cross each other. Before crossing, the red line should be on top, and after – below.
Important: We conclude a deal only when both indicators simultaneously showed an intersection or this insignificant distance.
Transaction ” Down ” can be seen under such market circumstances:
True Strength Indicator showed the intersection of the red and black lines. It is important that the red line is at the bottom until the moment of crossing, and after crossing, it moves up. Vortex lines (red and blue) should cross each other. Before crossing, the red line should be at the bottom, and after that – at the top.
For this simple, but at the same time profitable trading system, it is not recommended to consider signals during the publication of important macroeconomic news. Take an hour break during this time (30 minutes before publication and 30 minutes after the news release).
Contract expiration dates and account management.
As you may have guessed, we will consider the signals for the above trading system on the M5 chart, and the expiry date of the deal is 15 minutes (or 3 temporary candles). As for money management, we strongly advise you not to invest more than 2% of the deposit in one transaction. That is, with a $ 100 deposit, the contract amount should be no more than $ 2.