The FOREXSTAY LIMITED EA is a very smart and easy expert system, its uses smart strategies, and no martingale, no hedging, no grid.

It always uses stop loss to protect your money with low drawdown and works on all brokers. It requires just one setting and never needs to be optimized again.

We created and developed FOREXSTAY LIMITED EA to work only on 15M charts, also it must trade on GBPUSD, if you want to get very high profit from this EA.

It is recommended to change Manual GMT offset time to your broker time, and use a low spread broker with 1:500 leverage or more. If you have a micro account, you can start using it with $100 only.

You can look at our FOREXSTAY LIMITED SIGNAL in any time at mql5 site via

For Customers

Please send the author a private message to get support or help, or anything else.

Strategy Tester Result with the default setting in the FOREXSTAY-LIMITED:

Tested for 15 years: On GBPUSD from year 2000 to 2014 it generated in the tester more than $319,179,477.50 from $10000 deposit using Risk= 30%

Important Parameters. Please don’t change them until you know what you do.


  • AllowTrading=true — Permission to trade.
  • Lots — Lot size for fixed trade if Money Management is set to FALSE.
  • UseMM=true — Enabling capital management (Money Management).
  • LotsRiskReductor — Percentage of equity to trade.
  • TradeMicroLots=true — When trading lot is from 0.01 to 0.1 and UseMM is enabled, it is recommended to include this parameter.
  • ManualGMToffset — Manual exposure of GMT bias. For the rest of the DC it compares the time with the first two.
  • StartWorkTimeHour — Hour of trade (Start time).
  • EndWorkTimeHour — Hour of trade (End time).
  • TradeMonday — Permission to trade on Monday (False when trade is not conducted).
  • TradeFriday — Permission to trade on Friday.
  • MaxSpread — Max spread.
  • Slippage — Slippage. 1-2 suggests – no more and no less.

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Buy FOREXSTAY LIMITED Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

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