Trump Slams Mueller/Dems “Witch Hunt”, Says “Great Guy” Giuliani Will “Get His Facts Straight”

President Trump answered some shouted questions from reporters as he headed for the helicopter this morning.

While his main focus was on how great the jobs number was and the “Witch Hunt” that is Mueller’s investigation (and the Democrat-led investigations)…

Trump said “if it was fair, he would override the advice of his lawyers not to speak to Mueller.”

“I would love to talk to Mueller or the investigations, because there was no collusion with Russia, but there are 13 democrats, 13 angry democrats, and I wouldn’t be treated fairly.”

We suspect the main headlines will be about his comments on Rudy Giuliani, after Giuliani appeared for a series of bombshell interviews on Fox News and declared that Cohen was repaid by the president for his $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an alleged affair with Trump.

“…we love Rudy, he’s a special guy but he doesn’t understand all the facts… he’s only been here a few days… he understands this is a witch hunt… he’ll get his facts straight.

Which clearly implies the White House is shifting the narrative once again. As The Hill notes, Giuliani said Trump only learned about what the payment was for recently; Trump then backed up Giuliani’s account in a series of tweets Thursday morning…  But now, Trump appears to be walking that account back, adding even more confusion about the payment that has dogged his presidency.

Finally, Trump said that the former New York City mayor is:

“working hard, he’s learning the subject matter and he’s going to be issuing a statement too.”

Trump insisted “we’re not changing any stories” and urged reporters to go back to his statements early last month, when he flatly denied knowing about the payment and claimed he had no knowledge of the source of the money.

“Rudy understands this better than everybody but when he made certain statements, he just started yesterday, so that’s it,” Trump said. “He wasn’t totally familiar with everything.”

Of course, judging by President Trump’s historical playbook of praising before firing his staff, his “special guy… great guy” comments could be ominous for Giuliani.

Additionally, Mediate is reporting that MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch dropped a bombshell on Morning Joe Friday, stating that said President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen told him Rudy Giuliani “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Giuliani’s comments were an effort to defend Cohen against charges his payment to Daniels violated campaign finance laws, though it’s not clear he cleaned anything up for the president’s fixer.

“The Giuliani thing is interesting,” Deutsch said. “We forget how during the campaign, Giuliani was unhinged. I mean if you showed clips of him during the campaign, there was a reason he didn’t get hired for all the jobs that he wanted to.”

“I spoke with Michael Cohen yesterday, and his remark about Giuliani, was that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” Deutsch said. “He also said look, there are two people that know exactly what happened. And that’s myself and the president. And you’ll be hearing my side of the story.”

“And he was obviously very frustrated with what had come out yesterday,” Deutsch added.

Finally, we note that Trump said that they have a date and location ready for the Summit with North Korean leader Kim (but would not reveal it).

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