Unconventional weapons and strategy for an unconventional war.

Unconventional weapons and strategy for an unconventional war.

I say this is a parabolic war!! Bitcoin             taught me a lot about this. Well, I say the US30             is a parabolic situation. If they don’t wanna play fair, why should I approach the market with conventional weapons?

No! This is a strange war. So – I’m not gonna play by conventional rules. I don’t think that’s gonna work.

Overall in trading, the issue is not winning a few battles. It is about winning the whole war. So with Wall Street ( US30             ) I decided that they can have back what equity I’ve gained but they’re not going to put me into a loss once I’ve caught the equity.

My plan is to build an equity base to fight them at their own game, if/when volatility really gets going lower down.

I’ll use whatever it takes. They’re not gonna categorise me as trend follower, harmonic trader, scalper etc. Why? Because I’m all of that and more. I’m like Muhammed Ali!! Amma dance around them and show them I can do this in a way they don’t expect!

I’ll win anyway! How? If I don’t lose equity, I’ve won! That’s it! How can I win without winning? See here.