Last week, an unprecedented amount of rain and life-threatening wind battered parts of the Mediterranean over the course of several days, causing massive amounts of damage to superyachts and infrastructure in yachting hotspots across France, Italy, and Spain.

According to Superyacht News, one of the hardest hit regions by the storm was the port town of Rapallo, located on the Italian Riviera coastline. The storm caused a marina’s breakwater to collapse, which then allowed 10 meter high waves to enter the unprotected port.

Italian news agency ANSA said 180 yachts were destroyed in the storm, including many superyachts, and one boat belonging to former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Local media outlets said the port of Rapallo in the northern region of Liguria looks like an “apocalyptic” sight, with luxury yachts half-sunk, damaged or leaning to the side.

The insurance implications of the storm damage to yachts across the Mediterranean could be massive. Paul Miller, director of underwriting at Hiscox, told Superyacht News that there would be salvage and recovery operations starting in November to remove the damaged vessels.

Yacht-apocalypse comes as eleven people were reportedly killed as the storm left many coastal areas in Italy badly damaged.

Footage emerged of tourist walking in Venice with flood waters up to their waist, it was the highest level of water since 2008.

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