Who Are The Crypto-Tycoons?

Going from rags to riches is every mortal’s dream these days, and with these Forbes figures, Statista’s Martin Armstrong introduces us to some names who have managed to do so by jumping into the crypto game right on time.

Infographic: Who Are The Cryptotycoons? | Statista

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Although they are nowhere near the biggest fortunes of the world, their combined net worth matches the GDP of countries such as Cambodia, Honduras or Cyprus.

A factor that clearly differentiates them from other multimillionaires is their age: none of them are over 60, and the youngest one, Brian Armstrong, has managed to stack up a considerable wealth at only 35 years of age.

Their nationalities also shed light on the geographical range of cryptocurrencies: it comes as no surprise that U.S. and Canada citizens dominate the list.

However, there is one intruder in this North American race: Changpeng Zhao, the Chinese CEO of Binance, one of the main crypto exchanges.

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