WSE: After opening

WIG20 index opened at 1772.66 points (-0.18%)*

WIG 47371.62 -0.18%

WIG30 2026.79 -0.20%

mWIG40 3883.70 -0.18%

*/ – change to previous close

The futures market (WSE: FW20U1620) started the new week with a discount of 0.28% to 1,774 points. The cash market (the WIG20 index) opened with a drop of 0.18% to 1,772 points, which means a breach of support from last week. The German DAX lost at the opening of approx. 0.6%. It is the clear reaction to the words of Janet Yellen. After a few minutes of trading on European markets appeared gains, which helped to relieve the negative sentiment on the cash market and our index WIG20 went on the green side of the market.

After the recent attempts to calm the confusion surrounding about PZU / Pekao by Deputy Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who said that there is no plans to buy stake in Bank Pekao by PZU, the theme returns through the publication of The Financial Times. Anonymous sources have reported that haggling over the price still continues, and the transaction would be made by the end of October.

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