WSE: After start on Wall Street

In the afternoon phase of today’s session, the descent of the WIG20 index under 1,800 points was deepened by a dozen points and the level of today’s decline is proportional to market optimism on the previous sessions of the week. Than for a new impetus to the fight against resistance we may count only in the new week, but after today’s hesitance the market probably will hide again in the middle of a few weeks consolidation. One of the biggest outsiders in the first line of companies today is Bank Pekao (WSE: PEO) the valuation of which losing more than 4 per cent.

The opening on Wall Street maintains the S&P500 index above the level of 2,200 points, although we get the feeling that above this level bulls running out of arguments to continue trading.

On the threshold of the last trading hours this week the WIG20 index was at 1,793 points (-0.75%).

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