WSE: Before opening

Yesterday’s trading on Wall Street ended with a rise in the broad S&P500 index by 0.5%. Most of this increase took place during the European session and will not be surprising for the early morning on these exchanges. It seems that investors are waiting for Friday’s data from the US labor market, which will determine the likelihood of interest rate increases, however good behavior of the banking sector on Wall Street indicated that investors are betting a rate hike scenario.

Asian markets, excluding Japan, are dominated by the green color. The Japanese Nikkei, as well as contracts in the US, are currently traded on the light-cons, which should lead to a peaceful start of the European session.

Today’s macro calendar is once again not too rich. More attention could attract only the consumer confidence index in the US, the Conference Board.

Today’s morning trading on the currency market brings to maintain light pressure on the valuation of the zloty against foreign currency. The Polish zloty is valued by the market as follows: PLN 4,3407 per euro, PLN 3.8873 against the US dollar.

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