WSE: Before opening

Tuesday’s session on Wall Street ended with a modest changes in the major indexes. In case of the S&P500 loss was amounted to 0.2 percent. Yesterday, the German DAX was dominated by the weakening of the euro against the dollar, which usually is perceived as positive for the German shares. On the morning trading the markets of Euroland may therefore affect two factors – bearish session in the US and night strengthening of the euro against the dollar. The Warsaw market reacts positively to the good attitude of other emerging markets, but may here be a risk in the form of sensitivity of emerging markets for signals impending hike of the US interest rates.

In macro calendar particularly important during today’s session will be an indication of ADP (exp. 165k), since the last signals from the J. Yellen most of the markets are waiting for Friday’s US Labor Department report, which is seen in terms of tips on what on 21 of September Fed will do. There is also no other reports today, which could have some serious significance.

Today’s morning trading on the currency market brings an attempt to stabilize the valuations of PLN after recent discounts. Polish currency is quoted on the market as follows: PLN 4.3586 per euro, PLN 3.9068 against the US dollar. The profitability of Polish debt rose to 2.746% in case of 10-year bonds.

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