WSE: The final hour

Today in the US we have a day off and it’s usually a good enough reason for the disappearance of the volatility in the Euroland markets. Except for the very beginning of trading, the indexes fluctuate slightly around their equilibrium levels. For example, the DAX long time fluctuates around 0.1 percent and it is clear that neither party has an idea for start of trading.

Although there is a stoic in the core markets during the absence of the Americans, our parquet in the last part of session behaves somewhat less. As expected, levels above 1,800 points in the case of the WIG20 force already more cautious. Similarly, the WIG and the sWIG80 approached the lows of the session.

An hour before the end of trading the WIG20 index was at the level af 1,803 points (+0.40%).

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