WTC wait for a pullback before higher

WTC wait for a pullback before higher

Walton / Bitcoin BINANCE:WTCBTC

WTC             is overbought on most timeframes and stalled at resistance and the 1.618 fibb level. Wait for a pullback to maybe the .618 fibb at ~15700 or .786 fibb at ~14900 if you’re looking to get in. Note that all the preceding waves have reversed at the .786 fibb levels.

Looks like it will go higher now. Looking to 22000 first target at the 2.618 fibb from the preceding wave. It has been stalling since all the other alts had their rallies so I think it should now be WTCs turn.

Note, watch BTC             to see what it’s up to. I’m expecting it to rise up to ~10900 then crash as it will be overbought on the daily at this point which will take most things down with it. This trade should be timed very carefully. As WTC             has avoided the big rally seen in other alts it may be more resilient but I’d probably look to get out of my alts as a safeguard against a BTC             drop if/ when BTC             gets higher.

Not trading advice, just my 0.2 BTC             .