Library “POA” This library is a client script for making a webhook signal formatted string to POABOT server. entry_message(password, percent, leverage, kis_number) Create a entry message for POABOT Parameters: password : (string) The password of your bot. percent : (float) The percent for entry based on your wallet balance. leverage .
iMoku™ is a professional all-in-one solution for the famous Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator. The algorithm includes: 1. Backtesting spot 2. Visual tool 3. Auto-trading functions With iMoku you can test four different strategies. Strategy 1: Cross Tenkan Sen – Kijun Sen A long position is opened with 100% of the invested capital ($1000) when “Tenkan Sen”.
Hey traders! This is a profitable strategy script I created to teach my students how to automate their scripts using 3rd party APIs (more info available in my profile link at the bottom of this page). What Is This? This strategy is called the “Follow The Bear” strategy. It’s a forex trading strategy designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to take.
This strategy is based on 3 main indicators. 1st indicator is a trend indicator, which consists of SMA and EMA 2nd is Keltner Channel 3rd is DM indicator. The conditions for the entry of this strategy are following: First of all the assets need to be in an upward trend, this will occur when the EMA will cross SMA. The next condition for the entry is the.
Hi everyone, After a few iterations and additional implemented features this version of the Backtester is now open source. The Strategy is a Backtester for 3commas DCA bots. The main usage scenario is to plugin your external indicator, and backtest it using different DCA settings. Before using this script please make sure you read these explanations and make sure.
A strategy created using Hull Moving Average and WT Cross . Hull Moving Average turns green and WT Cross crossover this is a long. Otherwise short. Stop Loss and Take Profit settings are available. You can set it to the level you want or turn it off. According to my measurements, it shows the best performance in the 4-hour period. But you can find the best.
This is only a slight modification to the existing “MACD Strategy” strategy plugin! found the default MACD strategy to be lacking, although impressive for its simplicity. I added “year>2014” to the IF buy/sell conditions so it will only backtest from 2015 and beyond ** . I also had a problem with the standard MACD trading late, per se. To that end I modified the.
Based on the ANNE EA v3 for MT4. For use on FOREX. if ATR is greater than ATR average taken from last 5 candles, then market considered as trending, and so Open(0)>Close(1)=buy Open(0)Close(1)=sell Open(0)
This strategy is based on my Indicator Integrator. The code sums the distances from the close of the price to an SMA (200 in example) with a summation period of the last 29 bars. I tuned this to NZDUSD 15min chart using 200SMA and 29 period sum. If I am reading strat tester correctly this hits a 39% gain since Mar-13 or 104 days. It has the ability to set stops.
Hi, This is an indicator that combines the Ultimate Oscillator with RSI. Currently it displays signals on the screen when the RSI crosses from low to high (to open and close a long) and vice versa for short signals. Further signals will be developed for Ultimate Oscillator longs/shorts. Stay tuned!