Binadroid Binary Options Robot.
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Binadroid Binary Options Robot.
Binadroid binary option is software used in auto-trading to maximize trading profits. This software built by Troy Everett, uses a robot which can be programmed to make certain trades as well as monitor the charts and trends of the market. This software is underpinned by a sophisticated algorithm which allows it to operate live. Users have commended the convenience and ease they experience in using this software. The software handles all the trading operations and you can even set the risk levels to control which trades are placed for you. The application of android technology allows Binadroid binary trading robot to perform automated analysis of an asset. This is because it has access to information regarding the trading performed on android devices.
Insight into Binary Options Trading.
Binary options (BO) are collations or predictions of assets performance during a particular period of time frame. The trading involves two options of decision – “call” or “put”. This means that in the BO trading options you are to predict the consistence of the value of an asset and choose whether or not to invest in it. The “Call” option involves predicting that the value of an asset will increase. The “Put” option is an investment prediction that the value of an asset will decrease. To begin BO trading, you must first choose your range of assets to invest in. it is very pertinent that you have a grounded idea of the asset you are subscribing into to increase your chances of making profit. Afterwards, you predict if the price of the asset will rise or fall within a given time frame. Then, decide how much you want to invest. In contrast to most conventional forms of investment, the future trend of an asset in the market is traded on and not in. This implies that you do not have to purchase an asset and undergo all psychological stress that comes with the fluctuating value of the asset. Profits are made by traders in BO trading when the price of the assets increase. Assets that can be traded as binary options include commodities (such as gold, oil, diamond etc), Forex, indices and stocks.
How does Binadroid work?
Binadroid binary options robot works by using sophisticated mathematical puzzles to assess the future value of an asset using previous information on the market trend of the particular asset. This information is used in spotting trending binary option signals. The whole trading process is 100% automated which is why Binadroid is tagged an auto-trading robot. Although it requires the user to input some basic parameters for trading into the software, the rest of the trading is done by the robot. The user is also required to set a risk level that will moderate the investment done by the robot. The robot is independent and not owned by any binary options broker. According to the manufacturer, the software provides an average of 80% chances of hitting a profit. This software is supported by Windows-based computers and any android devices.
The main feature of Binadroid- “Robot”
Some people believe the “robot” is a mechanized being (just like the general idea of a robot)that comes into your home, take over your computer and control your trading. The Binadroid robot is completely virtual. It is built with a combination of sequences of algorithms and complex mathematical puzzles. The algorithms decide where to place trades. The robot does not require knowledge on previous binary options to be effectively used. It is capable of filling up the laxity of a trader’s knowledge on a particular asset for successful trading. Although it may be more helpful to have basic idea of binary options trading to set brilliant parameters that will facilitate profit-making. According to the reviews of Binadroid robot users, this robot has the intelligence of an expert or veteran investor.
Unique Features of Binadroid Binary Option Robot.
The Binadroid robot stands out in the binary trading due to the following unique features.
The software is the only automated trading program that performs all the trading process by itself. There is a feature in the software known as the Automatic stop loss. This halts the auto-trading when a loss is being encountered. Some trading software lacks this feature and the user’s account may be emptied during the auto-trading. You are also allowed to set the amount you wish to invest with while the auto-trading is on-going. The reverse trading feature of the software allows traders with constant losses to reverse their trading signals to the opposite of the current parameters to evaluate the efficiency of the Binadroid robot.
Benefits of using Binadroid binary options robot.
The trading process is 100% controlled by the robot. This reduces the stress of sourcing for information and monitoring market trends of an asset The binary option robot is totally free. No cost is required in using the software. All you need as a trader is to install the software, ensure you have a fast and secured connection. The software automatically updates and synchronizes itself. Hence, there is no need to constantly re-download the software for the latest version. The binary robot makes profit for the user without any help. It can be easily used by both beginners and expert traders It increases efficiency and time-management It is cost-effective A free functional trial version It allows the use of all currency pairs Provides live binary trends for long-term trades The software runs on a simple, use-friendly interface The platform provides a highly responsive technical support team.
Who can use this software?
New traders or beginners on Binary option trading: although it is better to have foundational knowledge on binary trading, the software provides flexibility for new users. The robot fills the lacuna of knowledge or experience for a newbie. It trades just like any experienced trader would.
Busy traders: a lot of investors are very busy with work, family or other commitments and they have very little time to trade. The Binadroid Binary Option Robot offers a great solution to the trading. All that is required is to set the risk level, the amount to invest and the computer will carry out the trade even while the trader is away. Overall, you do not have to be glued to your laptop before you trade and make profit.
Top investors: the software opportunes professional investors to place multiple trades at a time. The robot can help to place several trades at the same time thus creating opportunities to make multiple profits.
How to Use Binadroid Binary Option Robot.
A trader or new user is required to first sign up. A registration procedure must be completed by the trader. It includes inputting names and email address, after which they are to choose a binary option broker. The new trader is then expected to fund the account of the brokers. Then, the trader is to set the risk level as well as other parameters that will moderate the signals generated by the robot. When Binadroid trades and makes profit, the withdrawal form on the broker’s website will be downloaded and filled to get the money transferred. To prevent fraud, the trader is subjected to a verification process before the funds are eventually processed.
Is Binadroid a scam?
Binadroid binary option robot is not a scam. The activities of the software and the claims of high profit are also real. The testimonials of consistent winnings made by some traders certify that the program is a legitimate binary option trading system. Currently, there are over 7, 000 members on the Binadroid network with profits accounting to above 377 million dollars. This aforementioned statistics are not surprising as the robot only trades when winning or profit is ascertained. Also, a couple of scam binary options trading program will generate about 50% of profit, but Binadroid generates an average of 80% winning rate. Here are some few pointers to prove the authencity of this software;
A trader is allowed to choose a preferred binary options broker. The minimum size of trade is as low as $5- some software are as high as $200. The software works in conjunction with some licensed brokers The site is not bombarded with fake reviews and testimonials.
Pros of Binadroid Binary option robot.
It is very fast to install It is convenient and easy to use It does not require extra charges Different binary signals are sent in a day It helps you to trade It mitigates the risk of money loss- the software can be adjusted to a minimum of $5 per trade.
Cons of Binadroid Binary option robot.
It works only in conjunction with licensed and affiliated binary options brokers. It cannot be operated offline. It requires a fast and secured internet connection. It has minimum language support.
The aim of the manufacturer of this software was very simple- creating a completely automated trading system for binary options trading with high profit-making chances. The Binadroid robot has over 95% accuracy of placing profitable trades. The trading system is very legitimate and also the most advanced software for auto-trading.