BINARY OPTION Killer (High Accuracy “Short Term REBEL” Trading System)
Welcome Trader, you’ve definitely made the right decision to learn this binary options Killer trading system. All I ask is that you put in a little time familiarizing yourself and practicing with this awesome strategy and your results could be phenomenal. I caution you that to be truly successful, you must practice some common sense trading also.
Let’s get down to business, but always with a smile. (ha,ha) This is a fairly simple and easy system to trade but your goal should be to get the procedure down so it’s like second nature to you and the money will follow.
I know some of you will be new to trading so I must explain the charts and the loading of the system. If it’s old stuff for you, you can skip it and go forward to the black print again.
The instructions for loading the trading system.
The instructions for loading the Forex Binary Options Killer Trading System.
At the top of your MT4 chart itself, Click on “ file “ Then click on “ open data folder ” in the dropdown In that dropdown, double click on the “ template ” folder Drag & drop or copy & paste your .tpl file into it Click on the back arrow at top left, then double click on the “ MQ4 ” folder In the dropdown, double click on the “ indicators ” folder Drop all your .ex4 files into there Close the folders and at the top of the chart, click on the little square icon beside the little clock and in the dropdown click on the #5_ShortTermRebel.tpl template and you should be in business. Load this template on each pair you monitor .
We’re going to study and breakdown the chart pic that you see below. Let me say right here, when you are trading, you will not see the white lime or aqua lines, these lines represent your cross-hairs. Also you will not see the lime arrows or writing and the magenta arrows. All these are for illustration purposes.
First look at the white vertical line on the left of the pic , you will notice that we received an alert and the yellow circled arrow signal . This happened at the opening of the blue candle and you can’t see it because of the white vertical line but the wick of that candle touched the 0.0 Fib line .
So we are initially looking for an audible/text box alert with the yellow circled arrow and part of the alert candle which is usually the wick touching or almost touching or going through the o.o Fib line .
Then we put our cross-hairs on that alert candle represented by my vertical white line on the pic and we look at the indicator in the bottom window which is my futuristic indicator modified. Looking at it in my pic you will see a short lime vertical line and an aqua line . That represents how far in the future you will see the indicator lines in real life.
Now look at the indicator lines between the white line and the aqua line. You will notice that the red line has crossed the blue line and is heading up for the next 2 future candles.
You will not see these 2 candles in real life as you do in this pic as this is the only way I could take a pic with all the info I needed to explain how all this works.
3 Trade Strategy.
O.K this is all you need to jump in the 3 trades right on that alert candle ( #1 Entry 3 trades ) but I am a slow poke so I waited for the next candle which I jumped in at ( #2 Entry 3 trades ). Don’t try to make 6 trades, that’s too risky but I want you to see that going in trade #1 or trade #2 , either one would have been good for 3 ITM’s.
You want to strive for entering at the very beginning of a candle and place your 60 sec. – 90 sec. and 180 sec. trades all at the same time quickly as possible but calmly. On the website I pointed out how sometimes you had up to 3 consecutive candles that the trades could have been placed on and still winners. Anyhow, that’s how it is done.